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Iki 壱岐 shochu event on 1st / July (Japan time) with Iki 壱岐shochu’s day!!

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The history of Iki Shochu

The history of Iki Shochu goes back to the 16 century. It is located in Genkainada, about 60 kilometers from Hakata on the sea. It is an important island that relays ancient culture from the continent to Japan.

The island of Iki focused on fertile land and encouraged to produce more expensive rice and barley than sweet potatoes. Iki shochu was made from this abundant barley about 400 years ago and has spread rapidly, probably because Iki residents were poor and could only drink shochu made from barley, which is cheaper than refined sake.
According to the record in 1900, there are 17 sake breweries and 38 shochu makers. Moreover, sake brewers also do shochu, which is why the island of Iki is called the “home of barley shochu” or “home of barley shochu.”

Geographically designated production area ・・・ Iki shochu recognized worldwide
The World Trade Organization (WTO) established geographical indications on July 1, 1995, designating three regions throughout Japan, and Iki shochu was selected as one of them. Geographical Indication is a system that takes into account established production methods, quality, and social evaluation of alcoholic beverages, identifies the place of origin, and protects it worldwide.
In the world, Scotch, Bourbon, cognac, Armagnac for brandy, Bordeaux, Chablis, and Champagne for wine, Iki shochu in Nagasaki prefecture, Kuma shochu in Hitoyoshi area in Kumamoto prefecture, and Ryukyu Awamori in Okinawa prefecture were designated.

Iki Shochu Day “July 1 Anniversary” was established by Iki shochu Association in 2005 .
On this day in 1995, the National Tax Agency designated ‘Iki shochu’ in Iki City, Nagasaki Prefecture as a geographical indication based on the provisions protecting geographical indications in the ‘Law Concerning the Conservation of Liquor Tax and the Liquor Industry Association.’ It was made an anniversary in commemoration of the 10 year anniversary. The purpose is to promote the deliciousness of Iki shochu. The anniversary was recognized and registered by the Japan Anniversary Association.

( picture from this site http://www.ikishochu.org/about.html )

In 2013, Iki City enacted an ordinance promoting toasts with Iki shochu.
It is an ordinance to make a toast with Iki Shochu after drinking.
There is no penalty, but it was established to spread Iki Shochu.
This led to the birth of Iki Shichizo Blend Shochu. Since it is blended with Shichizo’s Shochu and diluted to 15 degrees, it is easy for women to drink straight and it is perfect for a toast.

Vibes Point

We will do Iki shochu online event on the 1st /July (JST) below !
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壱岐焼酎日 オンライン ~Iki shochu day online cheers! Event below

Guys guys!!
1st of July is Iki shochu day!
Since it was designated as a geographical indication (GI) on July 1, 1995, Iki Sake shochu Association established Iki Shochu Day in 2005.

Glocal BAR Vibes went to Iki island in 2021 and experienced the culture of Iki shochu and the lifestyle of Iki.
You can drink Iki shochu while talking about it, and we will invite people living in Iki online and talk about Iki life !!
Drink Iki , Feel Iki !!!

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