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Traditional sweet potat cocktail is here!!

It’s getting hot. It’s already midsummer in Japan.
I sometimes drink shochu on the rocks, and I enjoy making various kinds of sours and cocktails such as adding soda and lemon.
In the midst of all this, today we are going to introduce you to a very traditional cocktail!
If you try hard, you can make it at home, so please try making a traditional cocktail!

There is a lemon sour boom in Japan, so many cans of lemon chu-hi and lemon sour are sold at supermarkets and convenience stores.
The refreshing sourness of lemon and carbonic acid refresh your body, so it goes very well even in hot summer.

However, there are some people who love shochu.
Is there anything more unusual? Some people look for an old-fashioned shochu cocktail.

Website : https://www.honkakushochu-awamori.jp/column/u_box/box_12.html

The other day, the owner of Vibes, Yamashita found a shochu cocktail on the website of Japan Sake Brewers Association, and it was very interesting, so I will introduce it here.

Its name is “imo-chu.” It is not sweet potato shochu. (based on rice shochu)
It should be said to be sweet potato flavored shochu written in the 1789 edition of “Sweet Potato Hyakuchin.”
First, you grate raw sweet potatoes, put them in water, and strain them with a fine sieve with a cloth. Boil the juice that the potato powder is stagnant in a pot, and mix it with rice shochu to finish.
The taste is so good that there is a note saying “It becomes like a famous sake”.

Picture from this website : https://www.honkakushochu-awamori.jp/column/u_box/box_12.html

“Imo-chu”, which softens the spirit of rice shochu by the sweetness of the soft and thick potato, can be said to be a Japanese sweet potato cocktail.

It is a cocktail that is hard to imagine in modern times, but it can be said that it is a traditional cocktail with elaboration.

Vibes Point

The owner of Vibes, Yamashita, once told a shochu maker that there is a way to drink it by adding steamed sweet potato into shochu with hot water and making it muddy.

I have tried it, and it is very delicious. The smell of the potato stands out more, and the sweetness of the potato is conveyed directly.

So why aren’t they doing BAR now?
I like visuals and concepts, but some people felt that the cloudiness of the glass was a little dirty, so I don’t do it.
However, it was really delicious, and it’s a way of drinking that I haven’t seen or experienced in Japan, so please try it at home.

If you have sweet potato shochu and sweet potato, you can make it!


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