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Japanese snacks(food) Which is really good with Shochu ver.8

I love chicken sashimi so much that I can’t talk about shochu without chicken sashimi.

It’s hard to believe for people from overseas and I think it takes courage to eat it, but chicken sashimi is a culture.

Please try to know about chicken sashimi this time.

Chicken Sashimi

In Kagoshima, there is a record that warriors of Satsuma(Kagoshima old name) had been actively chicken fighting in order to enhance the samurai spirit since the Edo period, and there is a history that they ate the lost chicken on the spot.

It is said that even after cockfighting was banned, each family kept chickens and cooked and ate them when there were guests or for celebratory occasions.

In this way, in Kagoshima Prefecture, chicken dishes have been familiar for a long time.

This picture sashimi is basic chicken sashimi and the part is thigh .

It’s chewy and full of meat flavor.

This sashimi is on the breast.

It is soft and easy to eat compared to thigh meat.

The restaurants that serve fresh sashimi also serve liver, gizzard and heart as raw sashimi.

It is so fresh chicken taste!

It looks really nice and I want to say ‘It is not expencive’ !!


If you eat assorted chiken sashimi at Izakaya , price is within 1,000 JPY (about 10$)is standard .

You can eat some kinds of chicken sashimi parts and within 1,000 JPY!!

How do you feel ??

I’m from Kagoshima prefecture where is most famous prefecture eats chicken sashimi.

And for us (Kagoshima ppl) , Chicken sashimi is ‘normal local’!

So it should not be expencive cuz always we eats !

This picture is Chicken sashimi / 1 people size at Kagoshima local supermarket !

You can see it , this sashimi pack is just 172JPY !! (within 2$)

Yeah happy happy price !!

Chicken sashimi is so common local food for Kagoshima people so it is not expencive !!(of course this sashimi is nice quality!!)

Vibes Point

I’m living in Kumamoto prefecture and Kumamoto is really famous area for ‘horse sashimi’!

It is so tasty and really good with shochu but for me ,,, expencive !

My image for horse sashimi is 2-3 times expencive than chicken sashimi!

Whenever my foreign friends and another prefecture friends visits me , I took them to good Izakaya and eats horse sashimi but I do not enjoy horse sashimi at my apartment cuz of price.

My Kumamoto friends said they eat horse sashimi ‘something special day’ . So it meass not ‘everyday , normal’.

That is the defference between chicken sashimi and horse sashimi.

Again horse sashimi is really nice so when you visit Kumamoto pref , please eat it with shochu!

But If you can find chicken sashimi at Izakaya or supermarket , please try it!

It is amazing combination with shochu !!

Whenever I go back to my father house in Kagoshima , I always order them ‘I want to eat chicken sashimi’ and my mother buy block type of chicken sashimi pack at supermarket and serve us!!

That is our culture !!

Please try !!

This is block type of chicken sashimi pack at supermarket.


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