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Important thinking for drinking shochu

Picture from shochu maker site below

It is already 10th September but I wanted to talk about special memory day of shochu on 6th / Sep .

※today my using ‘Black’ the word is ‘black koji meaning’ please be careful to read thanks!

Special memory day of shochu

Picture from shochu maker site below

September 6 is Black(koji) Day!
9(September) = kyu
6 = roku
96 → Kuro(黒) (the meaning is black color)

So Kagoshima big shochu maker Okuchi Shuzo(Kuro-isa-nishiki making shochu maker) has registered September 6 as “Black Day” and “Kuro-isa Day” in the Japan Anniversary Association and it has been over 5 years.
So 6th / Sep is special day to drink shochu made by Black koji!!

And Kuro-isa-nishiki is famous black koji brand made in kagoshima!!

“Kuro-isa-nishiki” is the spark of shochu of Kuro-koji and was born in Isa.(Isa is my home town !)
Kuro-isa-nishiki calls it, but it’s been drunk so often that it’s abbreviated to “kuro-isa,” which is a charming word. When I was a student at Kagoshima University, we often said ‘how abt drinking kuroisa!?’ that was common word for students drinking!

There are more than 2,000 kinds of shochu in Kagoshima prefecture , I guess there are more than 5,000 kinds of shochu in Japan.

So what kinds of shochu should we select !?

Some of people want to drink premium shocu.
Some of people want to drink expensive shochu .
Some of people want to drink local shochu .

Yes every thinking is ok but yes there are so many kinds of shochu , so how about us to having a lovely mind to shochu .
If you are on 6th / Sep , i hope you will drink Kuro-isa-nishiki or (black koji shochu) it looks people really loves shochu . Because the select mind is came from ‘memorial day’ not by premium thinking .

Vibes Point

Also another thinking why i love to drink shochu on 6th / Sep .
I was born in Isa area in Kagoshima and Kuro-isa-nishiki is most famous brand shochu in Isa .
So whenever I visited my hometown , my father , mother ,grand father and ….. All my relative drunk Kuro-isa-nishiki or Isa area shochu .
That remind me of my childfood so I love to drink kuro-isa-nishiki!

Japanese shochu is really supported local drinking people so We love each local area shochu .
And you already know some of shochu maker also makes ‘memorial day’ for their brand shochu.
That is 96 day Kuro-isa-nishiki day!

Please enjoy shochu with Japanese people important thinking for shochu!!


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