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shochu trend in Japan

These days so many new item of shochu are sold by shochu makers .

And I feel there are some trends so today i will tell you about Japanese shochu trend now.


Shochu trend in Japan

In Japan , our RTD market (Ready To Drink) is really really becoming big .
Normally RTD is ‘Cans drink’ like a high-ball can or chu-hi can .
Because it is easy to buy and not evpencive , some of RTD drink doed not include sugar so it looks healthy than beer . Also now in Japan is big boom of ‘soda’.
We love to drink whisky or another alcohol with soda and also we drink soda on the daytime .

So now Japanese shochu makers try to sell their new bland which is really good with soda.
Normally those kinds of shochu aroma is really ‘be not old-fashioned’.

This is traditional famous sweet potato shochu calls ‘Shiranami’ .
The taste is so rich and stron sweet potato aroma . I really feel this one is good with hot water.
This is our image of ‘Sweet potato shochu’.
Normally the spec is ‘normal-air-pressure-distillation’’white or black-koji’ or ‘Koganesengan kinds-sweet potato’.

This is famous shochu which made new sweet potato shochu aroma which measn ‘not too much strong sweet potato aroma’ . Japanese people thought Shiranami aroma is sweet potato aroma so it is good but some of people who can not drink shochu a lot felt ‘too much strong aroma’ so i could not drink (but i want to try…).
Under that situation this kinds of shochu appered .
Normally the spec is ‘low-air-pressure-distillation’’yellow-koji’ or ‘red-sweet potato’.

This shochu aroma is like a Jasmine tea . I feel this kind of aroma is 3rd jeneration aroma .
Normally spec is ‘using colorful sweet potato like a orange color sweet potato’.
Colourful sweet potatoes were not often used in the past due to the high price of ingredients, but nowadays they are used to differentiate the taste and flavor.

See , this is these days trend shochu!
This shochu aroma is like a lychee aroma .

This shochu aroma is like a banana flavor.

This shochu aroma is like a Muscat fragrance .

So , lychee aroma , banana flavor and Muscat fragrance are normally made by using ‘aging sweet potato’.
Normally Japanese shochu maker uses fresh sweet potato which is harvested within the same day or three days.
But these days , Improvements in the storage capacity and technology of makers and farmers have made it possible to store raw materials for a long time.
As a result, the ingredients changed as the raw materials were stored, which led to the production of shochu with different sweetness and flavors.
And those kinds of shochu usually have a light flavor like fruit and tend to be refreshing in taste, so they are good quality for drinking with soda.

Vibes point

I love to drink shochu with hot water not with soda so this is my favorite sweet potato shochu.

The name is Enma-ten .
This shochu uses purple sweet potato, and it is grilled sweet potato.
We usually use steamed sweet potatoes for Shochu, but by making grilled sweet potatoes, the unique aroma increases.

I recommend you to mix it with hot water because it gives off more fragrance.

As you can see, shochu has a variety of fragrances, and its flavor and taste have changed over time. Why does this smell come from? Why does it taste like this? Why mix it with soda? Learn about different backgrounds and find out what you like.


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori