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Visited Oki-no-erabu shochu maker (Let’s go to shochu maker ver.1)

It is becoming so cold winter in Japan so sometimes I drink brown sugar shochu with hot water .
I can feel brown sugar rich aroma and nice sweetness ! So this time I will introduce brown sugar shochu maker where I visited before!


Oki-no-erabu Shuzo

Oki-no-erabu Shuzo was established in July 1969.
It is a joint bottling sales company consisting of 4 shochu makers on the Okinoerabu-island.

In the past they made 泡盛 Awamori and later start to make brown sugar shochu.
Here is picture of their main brand 稲乃露 Ine-no-tsuyu label and you can see 泡盛 word on the label which is 昭和30年代 (around 1955) . Then their Awamori changed to 黒糖酒(brown sugar alcohol) and 黒糖焼酎 (brown sugar shochu) .

Some of their making style is really old handmade style .
And one point was so amazing for me so this time I want you to understand about theire special way to make brown sugar shochu.

In brown sugar shochu, the main ingredient, brown sugar blocks are usually dissolved by boiling and the solution cooled before being put into moromi(mash), but this shochu maker does not dissolve brown sugar block and puts it directly into moromi(mash).
I knew this technology, but I actually went to the manufacturer and experienced it.

※I washed my hands before making

The process of breaking a brown sugar block with a fist or a hammer was very hard for me.
But that way is sooooo important for them!

This prevents the peculiar aroma of brown sugar from scattering when dissolving, and makes shochu with strong brown sugar aroma.

This is after adding breaked brown sugar block mash!

After that, I asked them to open the tank containing the unprocessed shochu and smelled the aroma, it smelled of very rich brown sugar.

Of course some of shochu maker doing the same making way so not original .
But this type of shochu making makes really nice brown sugar flavor.

After I smelled cask aged shochu . That was already vanilla!!

Vibes Point

This is their main brand shochu 稲乃露 Ine-no-tsuyu.

※Picture from shochu shop below
稲乃露 30° 1800ml -黒糖焼酎-

Nice old design and rich brown sugar taste ! You can really feel brown sugar in your mouth .
Please drink with hot water so that you can enjoy rich aroma!

Japanese price is about 2,540JPY 30° 1800ml (about $22).
Please enjoy Ine-no-tsuyu with above story!!


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