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Visited Yamatoichi-syuzo-moto shochu maker (Let’s go to shochu maker ver.2)

2020 was super big raining year in Hitoyoshi Kumamoto . That was big damage for shochu makers , too.

I visited my favorite rice shochu maker in Hitoyoshi area and want to introduce them! Let’s drink rice shochu with this article !

Yamatoichi-syuzo-moto shochu maker

Yamatoichi-syuzo-moto shochu maker was established in July 1952.

I love their main brand ‘Onsen-shochu-yume’ means Hot spring water shochu dream !!

I wanted to know about their making way of shochu using hot spring water!!

First , their koji-making room .

This room was made by stone.

Once the stone wall is warmed up, it does not easily cool down, and it is considered to be one of the ways to prevent heat from escaping in the Hitoyoshi area, which is a basin.


Thisi main making place .

Here, milk-prepared shochu was fermented in the tank. Unfortunately, due to heavy rain in 2019, this main room was damaged as shown in the following photo.


This picture is from Yamatoichi-syuzomoto home page below



As of December 2020, this maker are recovering from the heavy rain disaster and are making shochu in the same place.

And this is the hot spring, which is a specialty of the shochu maker.

A hot spring springs up in the center of the maker.

This maker utilizes this hot spring water in all processes such as preparation and splitting water.


Actually hot spring water is hot and of course we can drink it directly !

This is their signature shohcu which is using hot spring water !

This picture is from Yamatoichi-syuzomoto home page below



This shochu is so smooth because of using hot spring water !

Then I watched special distillation machine calls ‘Kabuto-gama’.


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori

Kabutogama is called so because it has a shape like an overturned kabuto(old style helmet). This Kabutogama distillation is a distillation method that seems to have continued for 400 years from Muromachi to Meiji. There are no Kabutogama distillers from the Meiji period. So, based on the documents in the Meiji period that detailed the dimensions of the kabutogama distiller, this shochu maker reproduced the kabutogama distiller with the same dimensions as the Meiji period.


The shochu distilled in this historic distiller takes half a day to produce only 30 liters.(about 45%)

I really love this old distillation machine.

So this shochu maker signature is hot spring water and also their special distillation machine .

If you can go to this shochu maker , please enjoy drinking hot spring water.

Also , The president is very kind, and he kindly tells us how to make Shochu and what the maker is particular about.


Vibes Point


This shochu is made in the Meiji era based on reliable documents from the Meiji era, reproducing as faithfully as possible the manufacturing method of that time, and bringing it back to the present.

It is the taste which is the origin of shochu made from Muromachi period to Meiji period. All ingredients are brown rice. We grow yellow koji there and make by ‘Donburi-sikomi’way which can be said to be the root of Japanese sake brewing.

Donburi-shikomi is to prepare brown rice koji and cooked brown rice at once. And the distillation is kabutogama distillation. Even though it is old, the aroma is mellow and you can feel the elegant sweetness.

If you can get this shochu pls remember this article and hope you can visit this shochu maker and can talk with hot president!

This picture is from Yamatoichi-syuzomoto home page below