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Drink shochu and become Healthy !?!?

Hi guys ! Are you enjoying shochu!?
I explained about shochu’s healthy effect to body at this page

[ShochuTimes] Shochu is Healthy !!

And this time , I want to explain more healthy thing about shochu!

Drinking shochu and become Healthy

A study conducted by Kurashiki University of the Arts found that Honkaku Shochu has the effect of increasing its ability to dissolve blood clots to prevent myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, and ischemic heart disease, and this has become widely known through the mass media. Recently, however, new benefits of Honkaku Shochu have been added.

This is the result of a joint research by Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medicine and Dentistry, Kagoshima University Shochu Fermentation Research Center, and Takaoka Hospital.
Six healthy volunteers were asked to drink beer, sake, sweet potato shochu, and water at dinner, and their blood alcohol, glucose, and insulin levels were measured.

The alcohol concentration in the blood was also lower than other alcoholic beverages, and the insulin concentration was also suppressed, suggesting the improvement of sugar metabolism. The paper was published in the American journal ‘Peer J’.

Honkaku Shochu is drunk as an alcoholic beverage during meals, and is known as a healthy alcoholic beverage that is refreshing to get drunk and does not cause hangovers. This research result can be said to have scientifically supported Shochu as an alcoholic beverage during meals.

Honkaku Shochu not only contains no sugar or purines, but also does not cause a sudden rise in blood alcohol concentration, so it is good for sobering and getting drunk, and it has become clear that drinking sweet potato Shochu while eating keeps blood sugar level lower than drinking water, so it is good news for those who want to get drunk healthily and those who are worried about diabetes.


Vibes Point


Japanese people who love Shochu often drink it with hot water.
Shochu with hot water warms your body, so it doesn’t cool your body compared to other alcohol, so it’s healthy.
And most people drink the ratio of hot water: shochu = 5: 5 , 6: 4 or 4: 5 , so the alcohol percentage is around 12.5%, so the alcohol percentage is close to that of brewed alcohol.(loke a Wine or Sake)
I think that way of drinking is also the reason why Shochu is said to be healthy.
Please be careful not to drink too much.


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