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About selling shochu by weight.

Hi guIs everyone enjoying Shochu? I think they sell craft beer by weight and wine by weight overseas.

In Japan, of course, there are also shochu sold by weight other than the above services. Let’s take a look at the system this time.

Price of Shochu

The other day I went to Minami-Kyushu city in Kagoshima prefecture.

There are many shochu makers, and the local people really love shochu and drink it.

I also stayed for 4 days and it drank a lot of shochu. Every night I had chicken sashimi and shochu with hot water, and it was a time when I felt very local.

There was a shochu selling by weight in one corner of the large supermarket in that area.

I saw it for the first time in a while, so I wanted to introduce it to everyone, so I got permission from the shop staff and took a picture.

I will tell you how to buy Shochu by weight.

First, you have to buy an empty plastic bottle for shochu.

Let’s buy according to the amount you drink.

By the way, in this shop,

4ℓ  is about 1.8 $

2.7 ℓ is about 1.5 $

1.8 ℓ is about 1 $.

And please call a shop stuff to pour Shochu.

Sometimes the cock is removed so that you can’t pour it by yourself.

When a shop stuff comes, you give him your empty bottle and he will pour it for you.

The price of shochu differs depending on each shop, but this shop is

1.8 ℓ for 10 $,

2.0 ℓ for 11 $,

2.7 ℓ for 15 $

4 ℓ is 22 $

5 ℓ is 27 $

It was.

Some local heavy drinkers buy 5l at a time.

After pouring your shochu , you can pay at the cashier.



The reason why there is such a weight sale is that

① It is sold by weight in an cray pot, and it is said that if stored in an cray pot, shochu matures and becomes delicious.


② It is environmentally friendly because you can use the same PET bottle repeatedly.

③ cheaper than buying in bottles or cartons

④ If you live far from the supermarket, you can buy it in a large volume, so you can go to the supermarket less often.

and so on.

I love this system because I drink a lot haha.

This shop was only 1 shochu item by weight but some of shop has more select like a

Sweet potato cray pot aging

Barley shochu cray pot aging

Barley shodhu cask aging

Rice shochu cray pot aging…

Please find out your favorite shop ,If you will stay in Japan sometimes this kinds of system will help your ‘BIG drink’ hahaha


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