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[Please read second] What kind of ingredient using for shochu

Hi! I’m Nori.

Are you drinking Shochu?

Today I will tell you about ‘ingredient’ for Shochu!

In Japanese Shochu market We drink so many kinds of Shochu, but No.1 selling Shochu is made by “sweet potato”.

No.2 is made by “barley”.

This 2 types of Shochu is really drunk in Japan.

But there are so many kinds of Shochu in Japan,

‘ingredient’ for Shochu

Kinds of Shochu in Japan

  • Kome (Rice)
  • Kokuto (Brown sugar)
  • Soba (Buckwheat)
  • Konbu (See kelp)
  • Kuri (Chestnut)
  • Azuki (Red beans)
  • Kabocha (Pumpkin)
  • Goma (Sesame)
  • Shiso (Japanese basil , shiso)
  • Piman (Green pepper)
  • Tomato (Tomato)
  • Renkon (Lotus root)
  • Wakame (Seaweed)
  • Cha (Green tea)
  • Milk (Milk)
  • Tōmorokoshi (Corn)
  • Ninjin (Carrot)
  • Jagaimo (Potato)
  • Kuromame (Black bean)
  • Rakkasei (Peanuts)
  • Ninniku (Garlic)

More and more ……

So many!!

There are 47 prefecture in Japan and each prefecture has own famous product , so they make original Shochu from their products. That’s why there are so many Shochu in Japan.

Kokuto (Brown sugar)

Kokuto Shochu is sweet and taste like a Rum.

Some of Shochu are saved in oak cask, so smooth and like a brandy.

Maybe for foreign people who has no experience to drink shochu , easy to try!

Goma (Sesame)

Goma Shochu is my favorite! If we drink with hot water , we really feel Sesame flavor like a eating sesame!

Kuromame (Black bean)

Kuromame Shochu I taste before was smooth. It is not so strong taste , but my recommend way to drink is with hot water. More Kuromame aroma will bloom.

Konbu (See kelp)

Konbu Shochu is so interesting taste maybe this is really hard to understand for foreign people. But for Japanese, we use Konbu for meals soup stock so really close to our normal life.

Milk (Milk)

Milk Shochu is smooth! Drink with ice is my best! If you love milk , drink with cold milk is more interesting taste! You can feel real milk!

Vibes Point)
By the way, 47 prefecture , which prefecture is most drinking Shochu?

Which prefecture is most drinking Shochu?

  • No.1 Kagoshima (Kyusyu)
  • No.2 Miyazaki (Kyusyu)

These 2 area are really famous for making shochu.

Actually Miyazaki is No.1 Shochu making prefecture in Japan! (No.2 is Kagoshima)

So when you will visit Japan, you can drink several kinds of Shochu but if you want to know more and more, better to come to Kyusyu (south side of Japan) and Shochu makers!!


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori