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[ShochuTimes] What is honkaku-shochu

Do you know there are 2 types of Japanese Shochu ??
Knowing 2 types of Shochu, it is really important to know Shochu.
We says ‘Honkaku Shochu ‘ ‘Korui Shochu’
本格焼酎 、 甲類焼酎

2 types of Shochu, ‘Honkaku Shochu ‘ ‘Korui Shochu’

What is Honkaku Shochu?

Please remember this simple knowledge for Honkaku Shochu and Korui Shochu

Honkaku Shochu is ‘’Single distillation Shochu’’

Korui Shochu is ‘’Consecutive distillation shochu’’

So simple right?

This time study about our Chinese characters!

So that you can imagine more!

本格焼酎 Honkaku Shochu
本格 = traditional, authentic , real ,genuine , full-scale
Because of single distillation , Honkakuk Shochu tend to have rich flavor and aroma.

甲類焼酎 Korui Shochu
甲類 = Korui Shochu is ‘’New’’ compare to traditional Shochu
Because of consecutive distillation Korui shocuu tend to have w clear taste with no aroma.
How we drink Honkaku Shochu and Korui Shochu?

Honkaku Shochu

If you find Shochu at liquor shop , maybe so many Shochu are Honkaku Shochu made by Sweet potato , Rice , Brown sugar , Barley ……

So please enjoy own ingredient taste with Hot water , water and ice.

Korui Shochu

Korui Shochu are suited for use with cocktail mixers.
Their ingredients are varied like molasses, alcohol, and grains.

Sometimes we mix Korui Shochu ,lemon and soda , it is called ‘Chu-hi’

Do you remember Comparison of Sake and Shochu consumption (kℓ) ??

Shochu are more drunk than Sake in Japan.
The reason why is ‘We have 2 types of Shochu’ I guess!
One is for normal drink , one can makes Chu-hi and Cocktail!

Vibes Point

Easy to imagine our life ,because we have 2 types of Shochu, our alcohol for dinner can be like this….
「Wow, tonight dinner is Sashimi and Tempura! 」
「First , I want to be fresh and refreshing so I’ll drink Lemon Chu-hi」
「Huu, Chu-hi is really good for first drink like a beer! Oh Sashimi looks delicious , is it snapper sashimi? Snapper sashimi is bland taste so I’ll match with smooth rice Shochu with ice!」
「Sashimi was nice and oh Prawn Tempura! My favorite!! Tempura is strong taste than Sashimi so I ‘ll match with rich sweet potato shochu with hot water」
「Tonight dinner was awesome and I’m full now. But I wanna drink one more Shochu.OK barley Shochu with ice. Some of barley shochu is like a whisky taste so really good for after dinner!」
See? 2 types of Shochu can make several situation for drnking shochu!


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