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[ShochuTimes] How to make Shochu?

Let’s study about how to make shochu today!!

The way of making Shochu

Making rice Koji

Koji(麹) is Japanese name and please imagine , it is for shochu yeast.

1.Washing rice
2.Soaking rice
3.Steaming and cooling rice
4.Sowing the koji seed and takes about 2days for cultivating koji

Vibes Point)
Japanese says ‘Hazekomu’ for rice koji . Super important word for koji
What is ‘Hazekomu’ meaning in English?
Hazekomu is
‘It is a state in which Koji Aspergillus digs into the inside of steamed rice.’’


Making Moromi (Shochu mash)

Preliminary Preparation

Preliminary preparation , Japanese says ‘Ichiji-shikomi’

Ichiji = first
Shikomi = making

We will mix rice koji, yeast and water in stainless tank or cray pot.
Under this fermentation process, yeast breaks down glucose.
This process takes about 6 to 8 days. The Shochu mash of this step is called the preliminary Moromi. Japanese says ‘Ichiji-Moromi’


Secondary Preparation

Ingredients will mix with preliminary Moromi.
If we use Sweet potato for ingredients , It’s gonna be Sweet potato shochu
If we use rice for ingredients, It’s gonna be Rice shochu.
※How to select ingredients is next time!

The Shochu mash of this secondary preparation is called secondary Moromi.
Japanese says ‘Niji-moromi’

Niji = Second

Niji-moromi , it takes about 8 – 10 days (for sweet potato shochu) and before distillation , this Niji-moromi’s alcohol is around 15%.

Vibes Point)
Actually when we make Niji-moromi , we really care about ‘Temperature of moromi’
There is a tendency , just tendency ,
Hot temperature will be rich taste of shochu
Low temperature will be smooth taste of shochu
If we can go to shochu maker together , let’s care about temperature as well!!




Honkaku Shochu is made by single distillation.
At the beginning of distillation, the first drop’s alcohol level is around 60 – 70%.
Then the drop’s alcohol level will go down.
It is important for shochu maker , ‘When will we finish distillation’
Mostly we care about the end of alcohol % . finish 13% ? finish 20% ? finish 8%?
At the end of the distillation process, the unprocessed Shochu has an average of about 37% alcohol content.

Vibes Point)
Around 37% shochu after distilled , Japanese says ‘Gensyu’
Normally non- blended so Gensyu is special , you can enjoy the deep taste of shochu.
If you come to Japan , highly recommend you to drink Gensyu of shochu.



Alcohol level will be adjusted by adding the water, normally 25%.
Depends on makers aiming.


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