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[ShochuTimes] Shochu is Healthy !!

Hi are you drinking Shochu?

Your drinking Shochu is really good for health!

This time Let’s study about Health effect by drinking Shochu!

Health effect by drinking Shochu

the chief of medicine

According to a recent survey by a maker

“What kind of sake do you think is good for health?” Wine, beer and Shochu were included.

Originally liquor is called the chief of medicine, bringing relaxation effect to mind and body, if it does not drink too much, it is good for the body.


Shochu is distilled spirits so it is hard to become a hangover compare to Brewed alcohol.
Furthermore, among the same distilled liquor, Shochu distill only once so there are characteristic ingredients (taste and aroma) that bring about a good effect to the body.
Think about aroma , there is one famous aroma in Shochu calls ‘’linalool’’ .
Linalool can make people relax , so if you drink shochu with hot water (drink with hot water , you can smell more aroma from shochu), you can take in Linalool and can be relax! It have been proved!

Good for Blood

Shochu has special action which is able to dissolve the clot which is easy to cause cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction.
Yoko Sumi, MD, the leading expert in research announced that “Urokinase used as a thrombolytic agent increases in the blood when drinking Shochu.”
Moreover, since this ingredient is contained in a part other than alcohol, even if it is used for cooking, the same effect can be obtained.

alive until 122 years old.

In Japan We know famous men ‘’泉重千代’’ Izumi -shigechiyo’ , he is from Kagoshima and He was alive until 122 years old.
He loved to drink Brown sugar Shochu everyday ! maybe Shochu effected to his long life!

Vibed Point)
酒は百薬の長 Sake- ha- hyakuyaku-no-cho = liquor is Chief of medicine
百薬 hyakuyaku = several medicine
長  cho = boss , chief
That is Japanese Proverb. Sometimes doctor use this proverb to us.
Nori-san , of course Sake-ha-hyakuyaku-no-cho but if you drink too much, it will not be ‘medicine’ please take care!!

And more good healthy effect of Shochu
We don’t like to think about ‘calorie’ when we drink Shochu but here is nice info.

100 g = about 150kcal

150 kcal , it sounds high calorie but don’t worry !

Shochu calorie is said to be empty calories.
It is faster to burn in the body, less accumulated as fat. Because Shochu calorie is not from sugar.
So that means if you drink only Shochu , without light fo


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