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[ShochuTimes] Do you know Oyuwari?

Are you drinking Shochu? How?

Today Let’s study about how to drink Shochu!

Japanese people mainly use 3 word for drinking Shochu.

1st.  ロック rokku = with Ice

2nd. 水割り mizu-wari = with water

3rd. お湯割り oyu-wari = with hot water


ストレート = neat , straight

Of course we have another way of drink Shochu but today let’s close up ‘Oyuwari’!

Shochu oyuwari is widely used as the most basic way of drinking in Kagoshima, home of sweet potato shochu.

Oyuwari can emphasize its “taste” and “flavor”you and enjoy a mellow drinking mouth.

Japanese people says ‘Blooming Shochu flower’

※flower = flavor , taste

When you make oyuwari with a glass, pour hot water first, then pour the shochu.

By pouring hot water first, you can make lower the temperature of hot water and make your glass warm.

Then pour room temperature Shochu , there will be natural convection due to the temperature difference between hot water and Shochu, and temperature and concentration become uniform even without mixing.

Vibes Point)

How will we decide the ‘‘ % ‘’between Shochu and hot water?

My opinion , it is normally depend on the richness of Shochu.

If the taste is rich , we wood better

60 (hot water ) : 40 (Shochu)

If the taste is smooth , we wood better

40(Shochu) : 60(hot water)

But this is my opinion and every people’s tongue are different so taste are different as well.

You can find out your favorite oyuwari by your taste!


Comfortable Temperature for good oyuwari

Comfortable temperature for oyuwari is different from each people but there is some index in Japan.

Actually good temperature is around 37-39℃ to 43 -44℃

So that aroma will be blooming naturally , if you make more high temperature, the aroma will be gone by too much hot water.

Here is example for making comfortable oyuwari

①Shochu temperature = 25℃ (normal season)

and you want to make 6(shochu):4(hot water)

→make hot water temperature 60 -70℃ so that oyuwari will be around 41 – 42℃

②Shochu temperature = 15℃ (winter season)

and you want to make 6(shochu):4(hot water)

→make hot water temperature 80 -85℃ so that oyuwari will be around 41 – 42℃

You could know about oyuwari this time!

Maybe can’t wait to say ‘Shochu Oyuwari !’ means ‘Could I have Shochu oyuwari?’

In Japan!! Maybe Japanese people around you will be surprise!!

You can be local Japanese by saying ‘Shochu oyuwari’


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