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Think about varieties of sweet potatoes for making Shochu

Are you drinking Shochu?

Do you know what kinds of sweet potato is using for your Shochu?

If you know about sweet potato, your choice for Shochu will be more expand!

Let’s Know Sweet potato.


It is the most popular material for sweet potato shochu. It is familiar as edible, representative of sweet potato.

Kogane-sengai skin and inside are white . This is most using for Sweet potato Shochu because the starch value is 20 to 30% higher than other potatoes.

It is also attractive to have more harvest.


It is not sweet even if it heats it is not suitable for edible use.

However, there is so high amount of starch than Kogane-sengan.

And a fruity tasting shochu is completed by Joy-white.



It is said to be “the king of sweet potatoes”, it has a strong sweet taste. The outer skin is deep red and white inside.

It has well-balanced nutrients and contains abundant dietary fiber. It is finished in shochu feels the sweetness of the original sweet potato.


It is a high-quality, popular variety even in sweet potatoes.

The skin is gorgeous red and the inside is yellow. It is characterized by strong sweetness and less fiber quality.


White sweet potato brought in 1972 from Brazil of origin and became a special product of Kumamoto prefecture. It has a lot of sweetness.

It contains natural minerals and vitamins A · E · K and fibrous materials and has been evaluated as a natural health.


It combines the merits of Kogane-sengan and Beni-Satsuma, which is said to be the most delicious among sweet potatoes, cultivated throughout the country.

The outer skin is purple red, the inside is light yellow. It becomes a slightly sweet shochu in a pleasant fragrance and sharp and refreshing.


High rarity varieties.

Purple dye is due to natural pigment component called anthocyanin. Tanegashima purple potato is also called “medicinal sweet potato” and has been prized as a healthy diet.

By using murasaki-imo , Shochu smell sweeter and more fragile than ordinary sweet potatoes, light and elegant taste.


It contains plenty of polyphenol anthocyanins. It is said that anthocyanin works greatly to prevent aging, blood slime and eye health by its strong antioxidant action.

Potato color is purple. It is mainly used for processed foods.


So famou sweet sweet potato from Tanegashima.

It has a higher sugar content than reddish potatoes and sweet potatoes, and it features a rich and sweetness. It contains a lot of carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, dietary fiber, Yarapin, etc. It is also attracting attention as a health food.


Shiro-yutaka has a very high sugar content, sweet and very tasty sweet potato, which is cultivated mainly in Tanegashima.

The soil of Tanegashima contains abundant minerals, and this soil seems to increase the sugar content of Shiro-yutaka from Tanegashima.


※this picture is just sweet potato cut scene

Before the war and after the war, varieties mainly made in Kagoshima. It seems that it used to be used for shochu before, but now I can hardly see it.

It can not be harvested about 60% compared with Kogane-sengan, it is watery, it seems to be difficult to process. While many sweet potato ingredients have white skin, chicken sweet potatoes are red skin and characterized by hardness.

We have more and more sweet potato in Japan. But please compare main potato ‘’Kogane-sengan’’ to red or purple potatos. So that you can easy to understand of sweetness from each potatos.

Shimon-imo , Genchi-imo is rare potato for using Shochu .

I understand you want to try all , but first, try Kogane-sengan and red , purple potato.

Vibes Point

Why Shochu maker use so many kinds of potato? Of course they decide the ‘price’ , but some of reason why some of maker don’t use without kogane-sengan.

Red and purple potato are really sweet so when we make Shochu , the tank and cray pot will be so sticky , it is so beautiful color but hard to clean all.

When distilling , inside of Distiller become sticky as well . and more , the aroma is different from kogane-sengan, so maker afraid the aroma will transfers to distiller.

My favorite potato for Shochu is kogane-sengan cuz of strong taste but sometime when I’m weak but wanna drink shochu , I choose red purple potato because it tend to have smooth taste.


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori