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So many Shochu maker in Kagoshima and Kumamoto!

Hi are you drinking Shochu today?

Do you know how many Shochu makers in Kagoshima and Kumamoto?

Actually I (Shochutimes author) was born in Kagoshima prefecture where is most famous for sweet potato shochu in Japan.

And now living in Kumamoto most famous for rice shochu in Japan.

So I know our Shochu culture, this time I will tell you about Shochu maker number.

why so many shochu maker can exist!?



Area : 9,132 km²

Shochu maker : more than 108 makers



Area : 7,405 km²

Shochu maker : more than 30 makers(include Kuma- county)


Kuma-country(Hitoyoshi : where is really famous for Kuma-Shochu) in Kumamoto

Area : 1,326.02km²

Shochu maker : 28 makers

This number is really interesting , Shochu drinking amount in Japan is decreasing every year since 2007. But still so many Shochu maker exists!

Please feel our Japanese culture from numbers of Shochu makers.


Kumamoto & Kagoshima

If I was born in area A in kagoshima and there is Shochu maker calls AA , I and my family likes to drink AA maker shochu everyday.

If I was born in area B in kagoshima and there is Shochu maker calls BB , also we like to drink BB maker shochu everyday.

Same situation in Kumamoto , too.


Why ??

Because we love our hometown. Each hometown has each climate , ground , nature , people and cultures. Each element makes our hometown Shochu and taste.

Shochu can not ignore the ‘’AREA’’ .

My family loves to drink Satsuma-sendai area Shochu where is my father home town.

Because our cousin and grandparents , all relative drunk Satsuma-sendai area Shochu when we are child so Satsuma-sendai Shochu are always in our mind .

That’s why we choose to drink our hometown Shochu.

Kagoshima and Kumamoto, there are so many people and they lives their own town , and tend to drink their hometown Shochu!


Vibes Point

Please drink Shochu with your personal computer and seek your hometown Shochu Area.

Some of Area has movie or pictures of festival and traditional meals.

You can feel our culture and that memory or image makes your Shochu taste more tasty and nostalgic !!


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