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How will we use Shochu waste?

Hi are you drinking Shochu? Today think about ‘ECO’ .


If  you drink Sweet potato shochu , how many shochu waste will arise? We just throw all? Think about ECO , you can drink Shochu more comfortable !


In the manufacturing process of sweet potato shochu, there is a process of removing potatoes with scratches when selecting potatoes. Also, even in the process of adjusting the size so that the potatoes are steamed evenly.


We collect these removed parts and call it “potato waste”.


Furthermore, “Shochu waste” will be produced as a by-product in the distillation process.

Before In Japan, we throw these waste into Sea. Because all are made by organic matter.


But if we keep throwing every year , It will effect something bad to Ecosystem . So now we can’t throw shochu waste to SEA.


So each maker do some ECO system by using Shochu waste.



1.Use for Feed!

 Kyusyu island is really famous for Animal husbandry so some of maker sell or give Shochu waste to feed maker and feed maker use shochu waste for Cow feed , Pork feed!


Japan has some brand pork made by Shochu feed!!

2.Use for agriculture

Shochu waste  is good quality of  fertilizer so some of shochu maker are using shochu waste for agriculture .


3.Use for health food

Shochu waste is a fermentation residue of food, it contains abundant nutrition and it has high utility value.


So some of shochu maker use for health food


4.Use for ‘Produce electricity’

Shochu waste and potato waste are crushed finely, methane fermented to microorganisms to make biogas.


The biogas is used as fuel for the shochu manufacturing process as well as for power generation.


Vibes Point

I love some of brown sugar shochu maker use their shochu waste for sugar cane agriculture.

Brown sugar shochu’s Brown sugar is made by Sugar cane which was effected by brown shochu waste!!

Whenever you drink brown sugar shochu , please remember this story!