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Interesting way of drink shochu

Hi guys how do you drink shochu normally? With Ice ? Neat? With hot water? With water?

Today I will introduce Japanese interesting way of drink shochu.

お茶割り Ocha-wari
Shochu with Oolong Tea / green tea

The tannin (bitterness) of green tea and exhilarating scent erase the odor and it improves the taste much. Normally we use ①Oolong Tea ②green tea for shochu.

My opinion , if we drink shochu with Oolong tea, better to drink cold. You can feel exhilarating scent .

If we drink shochu with green tea, better to drink hot. Japanese green tea has fine aroma, so sometimes people who don’t like shochu aroma, they try this style.

梅干し割り Umeboshi-wari
Drink shochu with Umeboshi (Japanese Salted plum)

In the past, we drunk korui shochu , korui shochu doesn’t have strong taste so we add umeboshi and also if you add umeboshi to otsurui shochu , plum also erased the smell.

I recommend you to use umeboshi doesn’t use honey and sugar.(shochu taste will change too mch)

This umeboshi-wari looks really Japanese taste. Some of foreign people feels umeboshi too much salty but if you try umeboshi with shochu , you may like our taste!

大葉唐辛子割り(金魚)Obatougarashi-wari (kingyo)

Put oba (Japanese basil / shiso) and red chili into shochu. The taste will be little a bit spicy by ‘tougarashi (Chili)’ and smell will be fresh by oba.

And we feel ‘kingyo (Goldfish)’ by this look. Chili looks goldfish , shochu looks water , oba looks reef !

We drinks shochu taste and atmosphere. So this type of drink shochu is really cool!

きゅうり割り (河童) Kyuri-wari (kappa)

This is really fun way to drink shochu. We believe Kyuri(cucumber) is kappa(The kappa is a goblin that resides in ponds and rivers) favorite food so we say kappa for this drink way of shochu.

And also small point, cucumber has vitamin C , Vitamin C can makes water more clear .

コーヒー割り with Coffee

Coffee aroma is really nice so if you feel shochu aroma is strong too much , just try this way. Hot and cold , each way works!

I love barley shochu with hot coffee, I can feel Roasting taste!

牛乳割り with milk

Drink shochu with milk ! Milk can makes shochu more sweeter so recommend for beginner.

I love this way and my recommend is to drink strong taste barley shochu with milk!

生姜割り with ginger

Drink shochu with hot water and put ginger in it. You can feel really hot so better to drink in winter season!

わさび割り with wasabi

Wasabi is famous spice in Japan. Please put wasabi in shochu with hot water.

You can feel shochu aroma and wasabi aroma at the same time.

You can enjoy whatever you want!

Vibes point

Some of Japanese people feels ‘Shochu aroma is too much strong for me…’ so we add oba, ginger , milk and coffee into shochu.

If you want to add cinnamon , it is ok we have no rule for drinking shochu.

But maybe , my opinion , finally you will not add something into shochu , just with hot water or ice I guess!

My favorite drink way of shochu is , add black pepper !! please try sweet potato shochu with hot water and add black pepper! Smell awesome!


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