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Shochu is low calorie and healthy

Hi guys are you drinking shochu ? I don’t want to thinks about calorie but do you know how much calories a glass of shochu is?

Calorie can’t be ignored for those who are on a diet. Of course, there are calories in shochu as well. Let’s compare how much calories are contained in distilled spirit with other alcohol.


Korui Shochu 205 kcal / 100ml

Otsurui Shochu 145 kcal / 100ml

Wine 73 kcal / 100ml

Sake 104 kcal / 100ml

Brandy 237 kcal / 100ml

Vodka 240 kcal / 100ml

Whisky 237 kcal / 100ml

Beer 40 kcal / 100ml


You can drink Beer more than 1,000ml(about 3 cans) , that situation Beer calorie will be 400 kcal. We don’t drink Shochu too much sometimes 1 glass is enough.

That situation Shochu calorie is about 150 kcal.

So we feel Shochu is low calorie and healthy .

Today we need to know about ‘why Shochu is healthy’.

Why can you say that distilled spirits such as shochu are healthy? That is because alcohol’s calories are called “empty calories”. So if you drink only Shochu , it is difficult to get fat.

What is empty calorie?

Empty calorie is, in short, calories with high priority of consumption. Because it is used to raise the body temperature by drinking alcohol, it is said that obesity action is low in the body. In other words, it means that calories ingested by alcohol do not have the effect of thickening the body. When alcohol is ingested, the face turns red and the body burns because the calories contained in alcohol are preferentially metabolized.

Keep health

As distilled spirits such as distilled spirits don’t contain carbohydrates it can be said that they are suitable for keeping healthy.

But be careful not to drink too much. Alcohol that you ingested is decomposed in the liver and is detoxified so as not to affect the body. When the liver is busy with alcohol decomposition, the important role that the liver plays, such as sugar and protein taken from the diet, protein and fat decomposing to promote metabolism is neglected.

Vibes Point

I love to drink Shochu so drink everyday. Normally I drink about 400ml of shochu/day.

So I care not to eat too much and choose healthy foods.

Japan has tofu it is made by soy.


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori


Since the liver itself consists of proteins, it is necessary to take high-quality proteins in order to maintain normal liver functions. Soybeans contain so many proteins so Japanese people say soy “meat of the field”. Soybeans are the perfect ingredient for maintaining and improving liver function.

If you love shochu , how about trying it with Japanese tofu?