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Shochu with lemon recipe

Hi guys are enjoying shochu with lemon? Today I will tell you about Japanese shochu lemon liquor recipe.

One is simple another one is interesting drink in Japan!


焼酎レモン割り Shochu lemon-wari

This way of drink shochu with lemon is really easy.

When you drink Shochu please add lemon juice.

My recommend is

Shochu : water : lemon juice = 40 ml : 60 ml : 10 ml

It will be so fresh aroma so some of people who don’t like shochu aroma can drink shochu by this way.

Also lemon vitamin C can helps you not to be hangover!


レモン酒 Lemon-syu

We love to make this Lemon-syu by white-liquor or shochu in Japan.

Maybe normally white-liquor (pure alcohol)

My mother makes lemon-syu when she get fresh good lemons from her friends.

It taste really soft so that all family can enjoy this liquor so that it is famous in Japan!

First how about knowing about lemon feature!


Vitamin C contained in lemon is outstanding in citrus fruits. Vitamin C prevents a cold and relieves stress. It is said that it also helps the operation of the liver, has detoxification, also effective for hangover.

In addition to vitamin C, it also contains vitamins B1 and E, so you can expect various effects such as fatigue recovery and aging prevention. Lemon liquor with healthy and refreshing fragrance packed in this way like this.

Lemon is a fruit that is easy to get from, so please try by all means. There is no doubt that it will become fruit liquor of the house even at home.

When choosing a lemon, it is also good to choose the color and shape, as well as the thin skin and fine texture.

Ok you could understand about lemon so next see how to make this lemon-syu.


1 kg of lemon

100-200 g of rock sugar

35 degree shochu 1.8 liter

Actually when you choice shochu for lemon-syu you need to care what kind of shochu is good for making. We want to make lemon-syu , lemon is main feature shochu is Supporting.

So normally we choice Korui-shochu for making lemon-syu. Because Korui-shochu has no rich taste just we feel alcohol so korui-shochu can not beat lemon flavor.


But some of people like my mom choice barley shochu or rice shochu.

We definitely choice low-pressure distillation type of shochu. Normal-pressure distillation type of shochu is too strong taste for lemon-syu.

My mom loves to choice rice shochu 35 degree.


Ok how to make (recipe)

10% of the lemon uses the leather.

Rinse the lemon with a sewage and scrub the wax.

All other lemons are peeled. Especially pickle leather white cotton is carefully removed.

Cut the peeled pulp into two pieces.

Pour lemon flesh and ice sugar, lemon scents used for scenting into a sealed bottle and pour shochu.

A very light yellow liquor will be completed in about a month and a half.

※ If the amount of lemon peel is too much, please be careful because it will make you bitter.

After about one and half month later your lemon-syu is ready to drink.

So I will introduce you how to drink your lemon-syu.


①Drink lemon-syu with soda

You can feel light shochu flavor and sour lemon taste and soda makes you so



②Drink lemon-syu with Ginger ale

Shochu flavor will be really less so it will be so easy taste. Good for young women as well. My sister loves this style!

Hot Lemon

③Drink lemon-syu with hot water

Lemon-syu with hot water can makes your body hot ! Good in winter season.

Lemon shochu

④Drink lemon-syu with sweet potato shochu

Mix with your sweet potato shochu maybe

Lemon-syu : shochu = 10% : 90% (recommend hot style)

Lemon mint

⑤Drink lemon-syu with soda and mint

So fresh taste you can’t feel shochu flavor and looks like a Mojito style

Vibes Point

My family are 6 people my father , mother , sister , older brother , me and younger brother.

This lemon-syu are really good for all people.

My father and me loves to drink sweet potato shochu mixed by lemon-syu hot drink style.

Sweet potato shochu flavor and lemon flavor will be good balanced and makes us hot.

My mother and sister loves to drink soda or Ginger ale. They loves shochu but this style is more easy or fresh to them.

My older brother and younger brother loves to drink with ice.

High alcohol % and lemon flavor can refresh their mouth they says.

Let’s try to make lemon-syu with shochu!



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