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Shochu with 梅干し Umeboshi

Hi guys do you know 梅干し Umeboshi ? Sometimes we enjoy shochu with Umeboshi.

Today let’s know about Umeboshi and shochu!

Umeboshi and shochu

What the Umeboshi is?

Umeboshi is Pickled plums and taste very salty and sour.

When we prepare pickled plums, plums are dried in the sun after being preserved in salt.

We also have sweetened pickled plums which are marinated with honey.

We put Umeboshi in rice ball and eat directly .

So long ago in Japan , there were so many Izakaya where serves umeboshi and korui-shochu to customers.

Korui-shochu doesn’t have rich taste so umeboshi could add taste.

Some of people drink korui-shochu with umeboshi mixed by soda.

Some of people drink korui-shochu with Umeboshi mixed by hot water.

These days it is hard to seek Izakaya serves korui-shochu with Umeboshi.

Because we drink korui-shochu with lemon or chu-hi style and normally drink otsurui-shochu . So we can’t see Umeboshi shochu these days.

But Umeboshi is really good with shochu so touch our Umeboshi shochu culture!

Good things about Umeboshi.

First I’ll tell about good things about Umeboshi.

Organic acids such as citric acid and malic acid which are also acid ingredients of Umeboshi have the function of promoting and activating carbohydrate metabolism.

Umeboshi can be expected not only to recover from fatigue, but also to relieve back pain and stiff shoulder, prevent aging, and help build body less fatigue.

Citric acid, a sour ingredient of Umeboshi, not only promotes the secretion of saliva to promote appetite but also helps digestion and absorption by increasing secretion of gastric juice and other digestive enzymes. In addition, picric acid, which is contained in trace amounts in Umeboshi, activates intestinal function and can also improve bowel movements.

Although drinking alcohol tends to roughen the stomach mucous membrane by all means, Umeboshi have a function to prevent it. That is the intestinal action of Umeboshi. When Umeboshi comes into the stomach, secretion of gastric juice improves and the mucosa of the stomach is protected.

Umeboshi is so great. If you drink shochu with Umeboshi healthy shochu will be more healthy.

How will we drink shochu with Umeboshi

So how will we drink shochu with Umeboshi is

①with hot water

②with water or soda

Is normal way now.

I highly recommend you to drink shochu with Umeboshi mixed by hot water.


Here is unknown Technique for making shochu with Umeboshi mixed by hot water.

Please use microwave 500w / 1mins for 1 Umeboshi

Umeboshi will be hot and easy to be melt.

Please drink shochu with Umeboshi mixed by hot water , but don’t break Umeboshi first , so that you can feel Umeboshi taste when you drink 70% of you glass.

But my favorite is to break Umebohi first , so that your shochu will be really Umeboshi taste.

Umeboshi shochu helps you not to be hangover tomorrow morning so please try it!

Vibes Point

What kind of shochu is better for Umeboshi shochu now? I like to drink sweet potato shochu with Umeboshi. Normally sweet potato shochu is rich so sometimes we feel heavy , but Umeboshi can reduce rich taste by Umeboshi’s sour taste.

But some of my friends recommend to drink Umeboshi-shochu with barley shochu. Low pressure distillation shochu is best they say.

Just try your Umeboshi shochu you can really feel ‘Japanese drink way’


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori