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What the difference between Shochu and Korean Soju

Hi guys are you drinking Shochu ? I’m working at my BAR ‘Glocal BAR Vibes’ and so many foreign people asks me about ‘What the difference between Shochu and Korean Soju’

So today Let’s know about Korean Soju and Japanese Shochu.

Korean Soju and Japanese Shochu

Korean Shochu calls ‘Soju’

Korean shochu is one of the traditional sake which is said to have been built around the Korean Peninsula around 1300.

Korean shochu has been traditionally made with rice as raw material, but due to the lack of raw material rice during the period of economic growth since the end of the war, cereals such as potato, wheat, barley, sweet potato, tapioca and other cereal starch are used for Korean Shochu. In addition, some sugar and fragrance may be added during the manufacturing process.

So Some of Korean Shochu are little a bit sweet.

Currently it is mostly “diluted shochu (Same as well as Japanese Korui-Shochu)” which has been adjusted distortion by adding water to high alcohol produced by distilling the raw molasses.

The alcohol content of Korean shochu is from around 15% to around 20%.

So Many Koreans enjoy it straight.

So Korean Shochu is little a bit same as well as Korui-Shochu. But it is totally different from Otsurui-Shochu.

You can find out from drink way.(Normally we drink Otsurui-Shochu with hot water or water , don’t drink straight )

Normally Korean people use 50cc glass for drink Korean Shochu.

It is good for Korean hot and spicy meals.

Vibes Point

I was talked by my Korean friends about

‘why Korean shochu is 360 ml bottle??’

Can you guess why??

I said normally they use 50 cc of common glass for drink Korean Shochu.

If four friends drink one bottle, only one people can’t drink 2 cups.

50 cc × 4 people = 200cc

200cc × 2 = 400cc (beyond 360!!)

Then there is no other way to ask another one bottle. You can see the successful strategy of the manufacturer.haha



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