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Shochu cocktails

Hi guys are you drinking Shochu? Sometimes customers asks me about ‘Shochu cocktails’ today I will introduce some cocktails which is using Shochu!

I love to drink Shochu with hot water because the aroma of shochu will bloom. But female customers asks me , could I have Shochu cocktails?

Normally I don’t serve Shochu cocktails but sometimes I serve when I have some soft drinks.

So I will introduce some Shochu cocktails !

Shochu cocktails

Sweet potato Shochu × Coke

【How to make】

(1) Squeeze lemon 1/8 in a glass

(2) Put ice in the top and pour potato shochu(30ml)

(3) Pour the coke(150ml) and mix it by one turn

If you use sweet potato shochu, the taste melts and you can taste the atmosphere like western Liquor, the coke fits very well!

Sweet potato shochu × Orange juice

【How to make】

(1) Pour sweet potato shochu (45ml) into a glass with ice

(2) slowly pour orange juice(75ml)

(3) Pour 5 ml of Grenadin syrup

(4) Mix slowly the bottom of the glass so that it becomes a gradation

It mixes the taste of the potatoes with the sourness of oranges, it is very easy to drink.

Barley Shochu × Dry ginger ale

【How to make】

(1) Squeeze lemon 1/8 in a glass

(2) Pour ice and pour barley shochu (30ml)from above

(3) Pour the dry ginger ale(60ml) and mix it by one turn

Barley Shochu and dry ginger ale match very well also I feel Soba Shochu is good with dry ginger ale!

芋ty Dog (like a Salty Dog)

【How to make】

(1) Pour ice into a glass snow-style glass with salt.

(2) Pour sweet potato shochu. (45 ml)

(3) Pour grapefruit juice and stir it once. (60 ml)

Salt and sweet potato taste is really good combination.

芋scow Mule (like a Moscow Mule)

【How to make】

(1) Squeeze the cut lime into a glass.

(2) Stuff with ice, pour potato shochu (45 ml) and lime juice (15 ml), fill with cold dry ginger ale (90 ml) and lightly steer

Let’s not steer too much in order to preserve the carbonation feeling.

Do not forget “gentle three turns”!

Barley Shochu × Coffee

【How to make】

(1) pour hot black Coffee (60ml)

(2) pour barley Shochu (40ml)

※add milk or sugar if you want

The fragrant scent of coffee and barley stands out!

Snow Japan

【How to make】

(1) Mix shochu and carbonated water at a ratio of 1: 3 to the glass with ice

(2) topping the grated Japanese radish.

The amount is your choice, but the more you have it, the cleaner you drink!

A mellow shochu adds a refreshing flavor of grated Japanese radish.

Shochu turns into a shochu cocktail that fits Japanese cuisine.

To avoid defeating the impact of the grated Japanese radish, the base should choose rich taste.

Vibes Point

Sweet cocktails are easier to match.
It is more compatible with sweet-tasting cocktails than dry cocktails.

“Sweet potato shochu” sweetness is familiar well with sweet-mouth cocktails.

Compatibility with cocktails using spices is “bad”.
Cocktails with spices like Tabasco or Worcester sauce

The compatibility of “sweet potato shochu” is not very good. Be careful not to use.

Try by your taste! It is not cocktail but if you drink rich taste sweet potato shchu with hot water and Sprinkle black pepper in it, that is amazing taste my favorite!



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