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Greeting from Nori (the author of shochutimes)

Hello guys are you enjoying shochu?

Thanks for reading shochu times on 2019!

Shochu times has just started on 2018 November but main regularly article has started from 2019!!

Last shochu times , i will introduce my sons and also special greeting from me for ‘Thanks reading ‘!

2018 , my first son 舞士 Maito was born. He was super premature baby just 507 g (1.117 Ibs)

舞 is like a dance or up up↑↑   士 is one of samurai warrior Chinese character.(武士)
be strong like a samurai warrior , be up(rise) life and be chillax like a dance! Also I love AUS so i wanted to name ‘mate’ like a G’day mate!! same pronunciation.

(Family≧Mate>friend)  double meaning btw Japanese and English!   Thanks mate (舞士)!!!

He is super fine! Healthy boy !!

I hope Maito will love shochu!!

2019 , my 2nd son 継人 Keito was born! He was 2,430g (5.357 Ibs) !!

継 is like a inherit , transmit and continue    人 is People

inherit culture , history , thought and knowledge .   continue anything People is Keito!

He is good condition and good relationship with 1st son Maito!!

Glocal BAR Vibes owner Nori is really care about Traditional shochu culture , people , friends , family .

That is our ‘Vibes’ !!

Sorry sometimes our article is not ‘once a 2 week update’ , pls imagine that moment Nori cares his family !!



Enjoy your happy 2019 to 2020 !! Let’s drink shochu !! Cheers !!!