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Shochu Tantakatan

Hi guys are you drinking Shochu? Today I’ll introduce my favorite Shochu calls Tantakatan. I like to drink Tantakatan with Ice!

Tantakatan Shochu

Tantakatan Shochu(鍛高譚) is made by 赤紫蘇 (Shiso = Japanese herb) Red-Shiso
(Left one is red shiso on picture)

Hokkaido Shiranuku town is famous for Shiso . Shochu maker use this Shiso and clean water from Daisetsuzqn. (Daisetsuzan is the name of the volcanic group rising in the central part of Hokkaido).

Tantakatan Shochu is mixture of Korui shochu and Otsurui Shochu.

When you drink Tantakatan Shochu , your mouth will be ful of Shiso aroma . Normally we feel Shiso is really fresh aroma(so we use Shiso for Sashimi) so you can refresh your mouth. I really love to drink with ice with some salad.

And today I want you to know about story of Tantakatan Shochu.

My favorite history of making Shochu!

Origin of the name of Tantakatan

Origin of the name of Tantakatan, “Tantaka” means “Karei (flounder)”by Ainu Language “Tan” means a story, talking.

The Tantakatan is the “story” of “Karei”.

There is a legend that this fish climbed to the mountain (calls Tantaka) long ago, and fossils are also found actually.

The label uses its folktales as a motif. The Karei that has climbed up the river has a moment of eating Shiso with Tantaka mountain background.

Let’s know about story of Tantakatan Shochu!!


Tantakatan Shochu story

※Tantaka is flounder and main character so when you see Tantaka, Tantaka is main character flounder.

The tide drifted off the coast and the sea became cloudy. Fish are suffering because they can’t satisfy their breath.

Though Tantaka lived in the bottom of the water, Tantaka still had a lot of energy, but Tantaka is worry about friends because they looks suffering. Then the elders’ sea turtle came and said.

“There is purple grass(Shiso) that heals any suffering in that mountain. We can’t live in the river but you are fine. You must go for everyone and pick up that leaf.”

Turtle pointed to a mountain far away.

Tantakatan began to go down the river. Beyond the strong flow of flow and the falls, it finally came down to the blue mountain.

It was a beautiful rich earth. Tantaka immediately understood the purple grass (Shiso). The reason is that the tiredness of a long journey has flew away just by smell the good scent. But Tantaka lives in the water so can’t take Shiso.

An animal in the forest found the Tantaka who was at a loss, heard the reason. The animals who heard the story of Tantaka thought poorly.

So the animals helped to took the leaves and dropped them to the river.

Thanks to the leaves Tantaka brought back, the fish were able to recover their energy. Soon the tide came back and peace returned to the sea.

And the fish start to call the mountain with purple grass “Mountain Tantaka”.

Then the mountain of Tantaka became landmark for fisherman when they coming back from the sea.

This is the story of Tantakatan Shochu. Lovely story I feel!


Vibes Point

It is not for all Shochu bottle but some of bottles has label story.

I love to know about label story because when I drink shochu and think about story, the taste will be more tasty.

So more info about Tantakatan

【Early life】 In 1991, the town people who were making juice using self-cultivated “shiso” as a special product of the town could consult the shochu for commercialization It was the beginning of a thing. Alcohol maker made a preliminary survey but it was confirmed that there were no selling examples nationwide, so we started business and the prototype completed in 1992!

【Origin of name】 Although five were selected for naming, ‘’Tantaka liquor’’ remained in final selection, ‘’Liquor ‘’is meaning of ‘’liquor’’, so it is not necessary to dare to add it.

So we add Ainu word “Tan” (鍛高譚 ‘s 譚 which means ‘talk’) for pun.

You can see Tantaka story by movie from OENON Holdings below


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