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Shochu and Watermelon

Hi guys! Today I will introduce you interesting way to drink Shochu!

You can enjoy in your house as well!

Do you know ‘Watermelon Shochu’ or ‘Shochu and Watermelon’?

Actually it is not famous in Japan but sometimes my BAR customers asked me about this so I seek it and write here!

In Korea they drinks Korean Shochu (Soju) but some of people feels strong alcohol. So restaurant and BAR made this style.


They pour Korean shochu into the watermelon which punctures inside.

Just simple style. But normally Korean Shochu are drunk ‘Shot style’ so people need to drink about 20% alcohol at once.

It looks nice (I love) but some of people feels strong so This simple style has made!

Watermelon includes high amount of water so Watermelon water makes Korean Shochu alcohol % lower. And sweetness of Watermelon mix into Korean Shochu so that people can feel kinds of cocktail style of Shochu!

I asked to my Korean friends about watermelon Shochu.

My friends(Korean men) reply me ,

‘Nori-san, normally Korean men doesn’t drink Watermelon Shochu. But so many women drinks when they see this at restaurant’

‘Because it is easy to drink compare to shot style and one more important thing!!’

‘It looks so cute so Women wants to take a picture and share it to their SNS’

Oh I see. Interesting.

But I asked some Japanese liquor shop about Watermelon Shochu.

One of shop reply me great way to drink watermelon Shochu.

He said he use same style of Watermelon for shochu.But Shochu is from Japan.


They pour Japanese barley shochu into the watermelon which punctures inside.

He said to me barley Shochu which is saved in oak cask is the best for Watermelon Shochu.

A fragrant scent by barrel aging and a powerful taste with reduced sweet taste match well with the refreshing sweetness of watermelon and you can drink as much as you like.

And after you drink Watermelon Shochu from Watermelon , cut out the contents of the watermelon and put it in a glass.

Then pour normal barley shochu with soda , This way you can taste the Watermelon Shochu perfectly.

Let’s try if you have Korean Shochu, Japanese Barley Shochu and Watermelon!

Vibes Point

I will introduce Wateremelon Shochu without hole of Watermelon.


Watermelon 700 g

4 lemon

100 g of ice sugar

35 degree Korui -shochu 1.8 liter

How to make

Cut the washed watermelon small. Except for the green skin of watermelon and the white inside part, use only red pulp.

Ice sugar, watermelon (seeds should not be taken) is placed in a sealed container and mix with Korui-shochu.

After pickling, after 1 month add peeled lemon cut in half to make up for acidity.

Drink with soda you can feel summer relax feeling with Watermelon Shochu!


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori