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What is 泡盛 Awamori ? (1)

Hi guys! I think you are enjoying Shochu and Shochu-Times these days.
This time is really important , I will write about Awamori from Okinawa.
We can’t ignore Awamori when we talk about Shochu. Let’s touch Japanese Awamori culture .


So What is Awamori?

Awamori is classified as single distilled shochu under Japanese tax law and it will be the same genre as authentic shochu.

The main features of Awamori

The main features of Awamori can be said to be the following four points.

Use Thailand rice
Use Black koji
All ingredients are used(made) only once.
Distill it in a single distillation machine.

Shochu uses white ,yellow and black koji for making. But for Awamori , mainly Okinawa maker uses “black koji”. The feature of Awamori is that it uses this “black koji” anyway.

And , so many Awamori maker uses ‘indica type of rice’ for making koji , normally Japanese Shochu maker don’t use Indica type of rice for making now. They uses japonica type of rice.

Why Awamori maker used Indica type of rice?

The rice of Japonica is tend to be sticky. But indica type of rice are tend to be strong , hard and dry than Japonica rice.

So koji is easy to be grown up under indica rice situation than japonica rice situation.

The indica rice is made into rice koji by using black koji, then water and yeast are added to it(become mash), it is fermented for two weeks, and this typical process is called “全麹 All koji koji”. Shochu is divided into two stages of this process, which is also a big feature of Awamori.

Awamori will be completed by distilling the mash!!!

※Awamori story is really old and deep so this time , just finish please read next time!

Vibes Point

Normally I don’t drink Awamori. Because I was born in Kagoshima where is super famous for sweet potato shochu. But whenever I visit Okinawa, I really want to drink Awamori. Because Japanese people thinks ‘Oh we are now in Okinawa, we wood better to try Okinawa original Alcohol Awamori’

So before I visited Okinawa more than 10 years ago, I enjoyed Awamori with Okinawa people. They recommend me to eat ‘Tebichi’ when I drink Awamori.

Tebichi is boiled pork legs with Japanese taste and really soft!

It is really match to Awamori taste!!!

So I highly recommend you to go to Okinawa if you loves Awamori.

Alcohol exists in each land!!!



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