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What is Shitsugi(仕次ぎ) of Awamori ?

Are you drinking Awamori? Now I’m writing about Shitsugi of Awamori and drinking my ‘Aged Awamori’ with Ice. It is really good to drink before sleep and after drink Shochu.
Shitsugi is good way to make Aged Awamori in your home so let’s know about Shitsugi and make your Aged Awamori in your home!

What is Shitsugi(仕次ぎ)??

Awamori ‘s old Awamori ripening method. We store old Awamori in the order of the number of years in the pot and we name the oldest, first old sake, second old sake, third old sake, …. When taking out old sake, it is called “Shitsugi” to sequentially refill as much as it is taken out.

As for the method,

1. Prepare several pots. (If you can’t prepare pot , it is ok to use Awamori or Shochu bottle~1.8ℓ~)

2. The pot containing the oldest Awamori is called 親酒(parent of Awamori).

3. We will replenish the amount of this 親酒 (drunk or evaporated) from the second oldest Awamori pot.

4. We will replenish the amount of this Second oldest Awamori from the third oldest Awamori pot.

5. We will replenish the amount of this Third oldest Awamori from the bottle which includes new Awamori or young Awamori.

In this way, by sequentially adding old Awamori of a few years, keeping the flavor of Kosyu, it will activate Kosyu and not reduce it.
This preservation method is a ‘Shitsugi’.

If you try Shitsugi by yourself , please see the feature of ‘Bottle aging’ and ‘Pot aging’

Bottle aging
· You can enjoy the aging of Awamori itself as a bottle aging.
· It is easy to make Kosyu.
· Because of its high sealability alcohol won’t come out during aging.
· The weak point is that the storage amount is small.

Pot aging
· In the pot, the character of that pot is added to Awamori.
· Compared to a bottle, aging will be faster.
· Aroma derived from a pot called ” (Kameko) is attached. Therefore, even with the same 10-year old sake, there is a tendency that the aroma storage tends to be more fragrant.

Vibes Point

In Okinawa, there is the word ‘’家酒家宝‘’
家 = home
酒 = liquor
宝 = treasure
This is…. Home liquor(Awamori) is home treasure!!

During the Ryukyu dynasty, old liquor (Awamori) was treasured to the extent that the story that “Keys of the money safe can be kept in the family, but keys of the liquor (Awamori) brewery can’t be deposited” remains.

In Okinawa, each family make each Kosyu and they drink it special timing like a ‘Wedding’ and ’Congratulations on new baby’.
Awamori is indispensable in such a special scene.

So家酒家宝 !!


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori