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Know more ‘Hoppy’ good with Shochu(1)

I and we studied about Awamori and from this time , I think I need to tell this Japanese Happy drink calls ‘Hoppy’ for you guys. It is super famous Soft drink mix with Shochu. Let’s know about Hoppy and be Happy as well!

‘Hoppy’ with Shochu

What is Hoppy?

Hoppy is soft drink like a beer taste (a type of beer taste beverage with carbonated drink) released by Kokuka Beverage Co., Ltd. (now · Hoppy Beverage Co., Ltd.) in 1948.

Initially Hoppy was called “Hobby” in the company, meaning that it is a beer-like drink, a non-alcoholic beer using authentic hop, but since the word sense was bad, it became “Hoppy” when it was released .

In a nutshell, Hoppy is a carbonated soft drink made from malt and hops.
A beer-taste soft drink mix with Shochu. It is not an alcoholic beverage. The production process is exactly the same as beer, but when it is completed the alcohol content is 0.8%.

The product contains 0.8% of alcohol, but it is less than 1% so it is treated as a soft drink.

Since 1948 in Japan,craft beer was expensive at that time,so how to drink Shochu with Hoppy was born in the city naturally.

It was explosively sold as a beer substitute “Shochu drink”.

Actually in the past Japanese people enjoyed Korui-Shochu compared to Otsurui-Shochu. So we mixed Hoppy with Korui-Shochu.

Korui-Shochu was cheap so if we mix Hoppy with Korui-Shochu we can feel alcohol from Shochu and Aroma resembling beer.

So Sometimes it was said 『生よりうまいホッピービア』

That means “Hoppy beer is better than craft beer”(although Hoppy beer is fake beer).

Hoppy uses really good ingredients so that it became most super Soft drink mix with Shochu.
So check about ingredients….

・Malt is from Canadian two-rowed barley

・Hop is the world’s finest German Hallertau aroma type and bitter type

・Yeast is bottom fermented yeast selected in Yeast Bank of Munich, Germany

・Water uses Chichibu-mountain natural water

And Hoppy has normally two kinds of types

One is normal Hoppy and another one is “Black Hoppy”.

This dark beer type Hoppy loved by the name of “black” is born of blending 4 kinds of malt.

The secret of the goodness of “black” which is not too heavy and easy to drink → exquisite blending technology and sense by brewery Meister

Next time know more Hoppy! How to drink! Healthy point!

Vibes Point

The main area of Hoppy consumption is one prefecture of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama.

From that background it is sometimes used to express emotional taste such as “Tokyo’s taste” “Nostalgic taste” “Showa’s taste”(Showa era taste).

Normally I don’t drink Hoppy but When I visit Tokyo, I drink Hoppy with my friends.

Because our company boss (now around 40 – 50 years old) took us to Japanese Izakaya(night time restaurant) and recommended to drink Hoppy.

I really remember that scene. That was my first time to try Hoppy , for me it was relly interesting way to drink Shochu. Because I stayed in Kagoshima before where is famous for sweet potato Shochu so I drunk Sweet potato Shochu without Hoppy.

Our boss looked really enjoy Hoppy and conversation by Hoppy Shochu.

So I still remember Hoppy.

Please try Hoppy when you stay in Tokyo , It is really good price for drink and you can see so many office worker enjoy Hoppy!

That scene reminds me of Hoppy time!


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