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Know more ‘Hoppy’ good with Shochu(2)

Hi Did you want to drink Hoppy?

If you visit Japan you can try Hoppy somewhere , so this time let’s know about how to drink and healthy point!

Drink Hoppy and make Happy!!

We really care about our basic way to drink hoppy calls ‘3冷’

3 = three

冷= cold

What is 3 ?

1: Hoppy

2: Jug

3: Shochu (normally Korui-Shochu)


So we need to ‘cold’ these 3 items before drink!!

Hoppy uses delicious natural water. Since taste and carbonation will be thinner, avoid putting ice. This is a drinking plan that was invented around the late Showa 40 era.

Let’s enjoy the following style on these assumptions.(3冷)

① Half and Half

Use normal Hoppy and black Hoppy , Pour half in half and finish.

This style match with any dish (Western , Chinese and Japanese dish).


A combination of Korui-Shochu(25%) and Hoppy.

It is an exquisite taste with the taste of Hoppy which is brewed liquor and Korui-Shochu which is distilled liquor.

This drinking way named “Ultra D” because of “Ultra Dry taste”.

Please pour Shochu 110 cc, and It will be ready if you pour the Hoppy vigorously. (alcohol degree about 7% so this can be kind of same alcohol % as well as Japanese beer)


You could know about how to drink Hoppy with Korui-Shochu so now you really want to drink Hoppy!

But please know another good point of Hoppy below so that you will loves Hoppy more and more!

Hoppy is really healthy drink!!

①Low calorie

Hoppy is about 11 kcal / 100 ml and about a quarter of beer.

Black Hoppy is about 12 kcal / 100 ml. Even if you mix with Korui-Shochu (70 ml), about 3/4 kcal of beer.

②Low sugar content

About 1.7 g / 100 ml of carbohydrate, about 1.9 g / 100 ml of black hoppy.

Less than normal Japanese beer

③Purine ‘0’

Even if you mix with Korui-Shochu, it is ‘0’!

It is said that taking a large amount of purine causes gout and hyperuricemia.

Hoppy bottle design!

In the Showa 20 ‘s, Hoppy glass bottles were valuable due to lack of supplies. At that time the company focused on the beer bottle that American soldiers stationed in Akasaka were drinking.

The reused bottles were different in height and shape, but some beer company offered a bottle made for export, it became the origin of the Hoppy Bottle.

That’s why the shape is similar to American bottled beer.


How was Hoppy info? You want to drink Hoppy right?

Please come to Japan and let’s enjoy Hoppy with Korui-Shochu!!

Vibes Point

In Tokyo there is famous street calls ‘Hoppy street’

The address is


You can enjoy good cost performance local meals and of course Hoppy!

And there is one local word for hoppy please remember this word so that you can enjoy like a Japanese people!! 

Since Hoppy and Shochu are drinking by mixing, it is never going to be lost at the same time unless you divide by considering the balance. In order to fill up the difference, we will only add ‘’’’(Naka = inside) or ‘’’’(Soto =outside) .

When ordering only Korui-Shochu after the second cup, say’’’’(Naka) please. And when ordering Hoppy, say Please ‘’’’(Soto)

That is local order way! Try to say and maybe Japanese people will surprise!


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