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Shochu and water

Hi how do you drink Shochu normally? With ice? Water ? Hot water?

Today we think about ‘water’ for Shochu.

‘water’ for Shochu.

If you have 25 Alcohol % Shochu , normally over 70% are made by ‘Water’ , So Shochu maker really cares about Water.

So today let’s know about Shochu maker’s water. Japanese Shochu maker uses several kinds of water for Shochu.

Hot spring water

Shochu are mainly made in South of Kyusyu. These area are famous for ‘Hot spring’ so some of Shochu maker uses hot spring water.

I will introduce 2 makers from Kagoshima and Kumamoto where uses hot spring for shochu.

Kagoshima) 大海酒造 Taikai-syuzo

This Shochu maker uses the hot spring water calls ‘寿鶴 Jyukaku’ for bottling. (mix water to adjust 25% alcohol )


Jyukaku hot spring water’s cluster is really small so it is easy to mix with Shochu cluster.

When you drink Shochu , Jyukaku hot spring water cluster will touch first on your tongue so you feel ‘Soft’ and ‘Sweet’.

And from Jyukaku homepage there is so interesting test of Jyukaku.

※about tea test

Prepare two cups of tea leaves and put tap water in one and Jyukaku water in the other. In the cup containing Jyukaku water, the color changes instantly, and the difference in appearance with tap water is clear after 10 seconds.


In this way, Jyukaku water quickly penetrates into the leaves of tea, and you can extract the ingredients therein strongly. Water with excellent penetration and extraction power is considered to have very small molecular structure (cluster). In other words, the softness and taste of Jyukaku water that spreads over the tongue is brought about by the fine cluster structure of water molecules.

※about Goldfish

Thanks to the Jyukaku hot spring water, the goldfish grew strongly and vigorously.

※about cyclamen

The local agricultural high school student brought me the cyclamen that I brought up for comparative experiments.


(Cyclamen raised with Jyukaku hot spring water on the left, cyclamen raised with tap water on the right)


Kumamoto) 大和一酒造元 Yamatoichi-syuzomoto

I love this Shochu maker because if we visit this Shochu maker , we can drink hot spring water in maker. Amazing view !


Spring water springing from underground 350 m in the premises of the Shochu maker is weakly alkaline. There is Hot spring water Shochu that used it in all processes from preparation to split water.

It is weakly alkaline with less burden on the kidneys.

Also, alkaline hot spring water is also “beautiful hot water”. Because it has the function of “emulsification action” which takes unnecessary horny of skin, it leads to beautiful skin effect.

Vibes Point

In Tokyo there is famous street calls ‘Hoppy street’

The address is


You can enjoy good cost performance local meals and of course Hoppy!

And there is one local word for hoppy please remember this word so that you can enjoy like a Japanese people!!


Since Hoppy and Shochu are drinking by mixing, it is never going to be lost at the same time unless you divide by considering the balance. In order to fill up the difference, we will only add ‘’’’(Naka = inside) or ‘’’’(Soto =outside) .

When ordering only Korui-Shochu after the second cup, say’’’’(Naka) please. And when ordering Hoppy, say Please ‘’’’(Soto)

That is local order way! Try to say and maybe Japanese people will surprise!


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