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Japanese snacks Which is really good with Shochu ver.1

Hello friends!

The season in Japan has gradually become humid due to humidity.

Now days I drink sweet potato shochu with ice!

Today I will introduce you about this seasonal good snacks !!

Seasonal good snacks

らっきょう Rakkyou

Allium chinense , Japanese leek plants

Japanese leek plants its parent bulb from August to September. From the bulb, the buds grow quickly, the purple flowers bloom in late autumn, and then winter passes. Then spring comes, and it is harvested in early summer when the leaves start to wither and the new bulbs store nutrients.

The peak season of harvest is slightly different depending on the region, but it starts early around May and lasts until around July.

Active ingredient with characteristic pungency and aroma


The characteristic smell comes from allicin, a kind of allyl sulfide. This helps the absorption of vitamin B1 and is effective for fatigue recovery and nutritional enhancement. Also, allicin is said to be effective in improving immunity and preventing cancer. In addition, it is said to be effective in preventing poor circulation, arterial effects and blood clots by promoting blood circulation.

rich in fiber

Surprisingly, Japanese leek contains a lot of dietary fiber.

appetite enhancing effect

The unique smell of Japanese leek also has an effect to increase appetite.

Japanese people loves to eat curry rice with Rakkyo.

Some of the spices in curry are said to increase metabolism. The allyl sulfide contained in rakkyo also has a function to increase metabolism, so it is best to combine rakkyo and curry for those who want to increase metabolism. It might be good to get through the coming hot summer with curry and rakkyo!

We love to drink shochu with rakkyo because rakkyo strong flavor and taste is good paring with shochu (I prefer to drink sweet potato shochu one with rakkyo)

This is my hometown Kagoshima prefecture local rakkyo snack!

‘Rakkyo-no-misoduke’   Rakkyo marinated in miso.

I will introduce mom recipe !


Ingredients (1 kg of rakkyo)

・1 kg of rakkyo

・Miso 700 g

・Mirin 150 ml

・Sake 50 ml

1.  Cut the root and stem of the shallot.

2.  Put the shallots in a colander and rinse under running water until soft.

3.  Combine the miso, mirin, and sake, and marinate the shallots.

4.  The best time to eat is after 1 week.


※if you store in the refrigerator you can keep it about 1 year.


That means you can enjoy shochu with rakkyo for 1year!!



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