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Japanese snacks Which is really good with Shochu ver.2

Hello guys!

How are you doing?

If you could read my shochutimes article all , i guess you are already super knowledge for shochu! So once I will introduce Japanese finger food for your shochu drink!!

Today I will introduce about Japanese 竹輪 Chikuwa finger food!!

Chikuwa finger food!!

What is Chikuwa!?!?

Chikuwa is  one of the Fish cakes !

Some of my foreign friends says ‘Fish sausage’ but please remember the name of Chikuwa!

Chikuwa is made of minced fish.

Different manufacturers use different kinds of fish, so the price varies.

If you go to a supermarket, you can buy 5 Chikuwa for about 60 yen at a cheap place.

(please see the picture from 業務用スーパーHP写真)

I don’t mean to say Chikuwa is cheap; it is “It can be easily used for everyday cooking, so it is a food that Japanese people often use. Therefore, it is necessarily a safe price.”.

So this time i will introduce you some kinds of Chikuwa finger foods which is easy to make!

Chikuwa- Kyuri (Chikuwa-cucumber)

Just slice the cucumber and put it in the hole in the chikuwa !

Point is soy sauce ! Please add soy sauce just a little bit ! If you love Wasabi , add it ,too!

This is so easy to make and good with shochu or beer!

Chikuwa – Cheese (Japanese calls Chi-chiku)

Just  put cheese in the hole in the chikuwa !

Please say it ‘Chi-chiku’ at izakaya!  Cheese and chikuwa = shorter ‘Chi-chiku’ !

Chikuwa Avocado

Just slice the avocado, dip it in wasabi soy sauce, and put it in the hole in the chikuwa.

This is nice select! Little a bit up class food!

I love this taste but normally i do only cucumber cuz it is easy and good cost performance !

Vibes point

Chikuwa is easy to get at every supermarket and convenience store.

You can see Japanese salarey men gets beer cans and chikuwa at convenience store.

Because it is good cheap price and nice taste , also it is made by fish so we feel healthy food!

It is revealed that chikuwa has a long history, as evidenced by its appearance in literature from the Heian period, and its original name is kamaboko.

Incidentally, when Chikuwa is written in Chinese characters, it is called “竹輪”(holl of bamboo) and it is said that the name comes from the fact that Chikuwa looks like a cut end of bamboo.

It is said that there are regular chikuwa for eating raw and grilled chikuwa for cooking. Raw chikuwa is made from walleye pollack, which is mainly eaten in western Japan, and grilled chikuwa is made from 3 ~ 4 kinds of fish such as horse mackerel, dolphin and pike conger in addition to walleye pollack.

Please enjoy chikuwa whnever you visit Japan!


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori