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Japanese snacks(food) Which is really good with Shochu ver.3

Hey guys , this timing i will introduce you really really rare food in Kumamoto pref!!

My favorite food for this seaseon ! Drink shochu with this food is awesome!!


Today’s local specialty is Syaku.

Syaku is 穴蝦蛄、Upogebia major

It is a kind of shrimp that you can eat only in Kumamoto in summer. You can eat the whole body, head and shell.

The official name of ‘Syaku’ is ‘Ana-jako’. It is a creature similar to shrimps and hermit crabs that inhabit tidelands in Japan and Taiwan.

In Japan, it is a custom to eat it in Kumamoto and Okayama.

How to fish a mantis shrimp.

Ana-jako live in burrows in tidal flats and have a habit of pushing out things that enter the burrows.


Using this habit, when you insert a brush into the hole, it tries to push the brush out of the hole, so you grab the Anajako that comes out near the exit of the hole.


That’s how to fish a mantis shrimp.


How to fish Syaku on youtube



In Kumamoto, they are caught in some tidelands such as Arao and Yatsushiro, but they are hardly distributed outside Kumamoto because they can’t live long on land. Therefore, ‘Tempura Crumbs’ has long been a local specialty of Kumamoto.


The scoop is in the mud, so first remove the mud well, and then dip it in the batter and fry it whole.

The head is not removed, the guts are not removed, and the shell is soft, so we fry it as it is and make tempura. And when you eat, you eat the whole thing. In order to enjoy the unique taste of Shaku itself, it is recommended to add salt instead of Tentsuyu.


Every year from May to summer, shaku are lined up in fish stores, and ‘Tempura Crumbs’ can be eaten at izakaya at that time.

Vibes Point


There is a local dish called Shaku-chimiso.

It is a local dish which has been eaten mainly in Yatsushiro for a long time. It is a dish in which miso is added by grinding shaku without boiling it.

It is also delicious to eat it on top of rice, but I recommend drinking shochu while licking the shakumiso little by little!


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