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Japanese snacks(food) Which is really good with Shochu ver.4

Hey guys , Japan is becoming hot hot hot summer has come!

this timing i will introduce you Japanese August good fresh vege and cooking for shochu!

Nigauri (Goya) Bitter melon !!

Goya is so nice summer vege! We eat a lot and also we can use Goya for alcohol….!?!?

Goya has a strong impression that it is very bitter, and especially for children, it tends to be too bitter to eat, but it is bitter because we eat it when we are young.

The taste of fully ripened goya is not bitter but sweet, and the color changes from green to yellow.

It is said that the reason why bitter goya tastes bitter is that animals don’t like bitter goya, so they make it bitter to protect themselves.

When the bitter melon is yellow and fully ripe, seeds will form and the fruit will fall to the ground. Animals eat them, and they become droppings, and they sprout on the soil and reproduce.

Goya contains an ingredient called “momodelsin” which is the source of that bitter taste. It is said that this momordesin has an appetite enhancing effect by protecting the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines and promoting the secretion of digestive juice.


White goya is originally less bitter, so I recommend it to people who don’t like bitter taste.

Let’s know about Japanese famous Goya cuisin which is good with shochu!!


Goya Champloo

Goya Champloo is ‘stir-fried with pork, tofu and other vegetables ‘ which is famous Okinawa prefecture local cuisine.

Actually Vitamin C contained in bitter gourd has a characteristic that it is hard to break even if it is heated. Plant foods containing antioxidants, such as vitamin C, have the property of increasing their antioxidant power when combined with animal foods.

The Okinawan cuisine called Goya Champloo is considered to be the perfect source of energy for people living in the heat of Okinawa.

Goya – shochu !! Amazing bitter shochu !!


  • Bitter melon 400 g
  • 35% Shochu (甲類焼酎 Korui-shochu : clear one) 900 ml


How to make

(1)Wash the goya well, and then drain.

(2)Cut into round slices.

(3)Put cut bitter gourd in a bottle and pour Kourui Shochu.

(4)Store for about a month.


It has a unique bitterness, so if you mix it with soda, it has a mature taste and is delicious.



Actually In Japan we have Goya craft beer! So goya is really good with alcohol!


effect of sun drying

Drying bitter melons enhances their flavor and nutritional value. Many studies have shown that exposing bitter gourds to sunlight increases vitamin D, making it easier for the body to absorb calcium and dietary fiber. In addition, by drying, the unique smell of vegetables is removed and it becomes easier to eat and the preservability increases.


You can use it for various dishes, but I recommend goya tea this time.

Fry the dried bitter melon in a frying pan and pour hot water in it.

With unique bitterness and concentrated vitamin C, you can refresh at once.

It is very effective if you drink it before going to bed at night after drinking too much.


Vibes point

Goya is really good with shochu or alcohol you could understand !

But Goya has good another face! That is Goya green curtain!!

Goya The green curtain is a living plant curtain made by twining vines such as bitter gourd and morning glory with a net outside the window.

The difference from cloth curtains is that the surface temperature of leaves is kept lower than the surrounding temperature even in summer by the transpiration action of plants which suck water from roots and discharge it from leaves, the green produced by leaves is cool to the eyes, and flowers can be enjoyed and fruits can be harvested and eaten.

It is attracting attention as an eco-friendly measure against the summer heat that does not require electricity, and it is a curtain that is friendly to nature and has sustainability.


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