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Know about Kidaru-jyoryuki (Wood barrel distillation machine)

No blueprints, no nails ‘wooden barrel distillation machine’

There are a total of nearly 200 shochu breweries in Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures, of which about 10 ~ 12 use ‘ wooden barrel distillation machine ‘. The biggest difference from a stainless distillery is the finish of Shochu. Even if I ask the people in the shochu brewery, they all say, “It has a soft and mellow texture that can only be produced with a wooden barrel distillation machine.”.

this shochu is made by wooden barrel distillation machine , my favorite

pic from Shirakane-syuzo (this shochu maker )

Wood barrel distillation machine 

I have liked Shochu for a long time, but I feel that the aroma and flavor of ingredients such as potatoes, barley, and rice come out gently. One of the characteristics of a wooden barrel dittillation machine is that you can enjoy the taste of unblended sake with only “dripping” from a distillery.

BAR owner Nori is enjoy the arom of first drip



There are no blueprints in ‘ wooden barrel dittillation machine ‘.

No single nail or single drop of adhesive is used, and everything is finished by hand.

The raw materials used are only the “cedar tree” that is over 80 years old and the bamboo that is used for the hoop on the barrel.

The reason why it has to be over 80 years old is that young trees are not clogged with growth rings, that is, they expand and contract rapidly and become deformed.

Also, trees grown in a sunny place grow quickly. It is important to choose cedar trees with fine eyes and few turning points.

It takes about two months to make a ‘wooden barrel distillation machine’. Since this product is made in order to avoid the rainy season, when the humidity is high and the trees swell, and to avoid the summer, the annual production is only about 3 ~ 4 units, but the completed ‘wooden barrel still’ does not shake even the 1 ton of moromi, which reaches a high temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.

When you approach the time of distillation in the storehouse, you can hear the vibration and the special sound of the Dokondon and it is comfortable. 

Vibes Point

There are so few shochu makers where has wooden barrel distillation machine.

I heard from shochu maker the machine doesn’t last for 5 years.

And when you don’t use a wooden barrel distillation machine in summer, you add water and distill.

The reason is to prevent the cedar that makes up the wooden barrel distillation machine from drying and shrinking.

In that case, compared to the stainless steel machine, the time required for

maintenance increases, so some people may say that the machine is difficult to use.

I feel that the company’s desire to inherit the traditional technology is seeing this machine.


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori