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Nikka the Barley Shochu

You know already , there are so many kinds of shochu witch is aged in cask!
This time i want to introduce one of the cask aging shochu which is aged in ‘special cask’!

When you hear the word “Nikka” what comes to mind?
I’m sure many people have thought of “Whiskey”.

The company’s founder, Masataka Taketsuru, is known as the “father of Japanese whiskey”. Nikka also sell famous whiskies such as “Yoichi” and “Black Nikka” which are still loved by many people.
Actually, Nikka are also making “Barley Shochu”!

History of Nikkawhisky

The company was founded by Masataka Taketsuru, who worked in the whisky division of Suntory’s predecessor, the “Kotobukiya” in Yoichi, Hokkaido, which is close to Scotland, the home of Scotch whisky, and its climate.

It was established as the “Dainipponkaju Co., Ltd.” and for several years until whisky was made, it sold juice, jelly and ketchup made from apples, which were special products of Yoichi.

The first shipment of whiskey started in 1940.
However, production was forced to stop due to the war that started afterwards.

The war ended, and in 1950 the first special blend of grade 3 whisky went on sale, and in 1952 the company was renamed “Nikka Whisky Co., Ltd.”.

Nikka Whisky has continued to produce various products such as “Black Nikka” and “Round Bottle Nicky” and has maintained its position as a leading brand of Japanese whisky through the accumulation of experience and traditions handed down to the present.

By the way, the name “Nikka” is derived from “Dainipponkaju Co., Ltd.”
Dainipponkaju Co ., Ltd is 大日本果汁株式会社
And Nikka is 日果 fron 日本果汁 !

What is “Nikka Za Barley Shochu”?

“Nikka the Barley Shochu” is authentic barley shochu produced by Nikka Whisky.

The feature is that you can enjoy rich aroma and refreshing taste by making use of “distillation”, “barrel storage” and “blending technique” that are cultivated in whisky making.

This product uses unprocessed sake with a refreshing taste produced by low-pressure distillation, unprocessed sake with a strong barley aroma produced by atmospheric distillation, and unprocessed sake with a different taste produced by whiskey distillation technology.

In addition, using the blending technology cultivated in whiskey, this particular bottle is made by blending barley shochu stored in a whiskey barrel and other barley shochu with fine adjustments.

Finally Nikka stores and matures barley shochu in barrels used to store whisky, which gives the shochu a smoky peat aroma. Nikka The Barley Shochu was created by blending barley shochu stored in whisky barrels with other unblended whiskies.

Vibes point

I guess so many Japanese people has big whisky image for Nikka company so they do not know about their shochu products .
All shares of Nikka Whisky were acquired by Asahi Breweries, Ltd., making it a wholly-owned subsidiary. Products produced by Nikka Whisky are sold by Asahi Breweries.
Asahi Breweries has a wide sales network, so for example, izakaya bars that handle Asahi Breweries sell shochu made by Nikka Whisky.
I feel that none of their shochu with a strong habit, but they have a sophisticated taste by combining techniques such as beer and whiskey.
Especially Nikkaza barley shochu has a unique scent of peat, so please enjoy it on the rocks!


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori