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Japanese snacks(food) Which is really good with Shochu ver.7

Hello Winter ! In Japan we are so cold winter season! Good season to drink shochu with hot water !
I highly recommend this season’s sashimi! Let’s learn about Kawahagi this time! It goes well with shochu!

KAWAHAGI Thread-sail filefish

Kawahagi, which is characterized by its small mouth and horns, is also called “eat feed master” by fishermen because it hovers in the water and only takes food with its sharp teeth.

Ecology and characteristics of filefish
The filefish, which is classified as a filefish and a filefish family, is about 25 centimeters in length and is characterized by a spiny dorsal fin, a thick, rough skin, and a small, hard-tooth-like mouth.
The name comes from the fact that the skin can be easily peeled and cooked.

Skin = 皮 KAWA
rip off =剥ぐ HAGU

Because of the deliciousness of the meat, it is used as a substitute for pufferfish, and the liver is also called “Sea Foie Gras”.

The season when filefish is delicious
Kawahagi’s meat and liver are in season 2 times a year, and it is said that the meat is delicious from July to August in summer, and the liver is delicious from 11 to January in winter.

Kawahagi sashimi liver soy sauce
Remove the liver from the filefish and soak in water for 30 minutes. Add it to the soy sauce and mix.
We eat it with filefish sashimi.
The rich sweetness of the liver matches perfectly with the plain taste of sashimi!

This is 肝醤油 with sashimi !


Vibes Point

Let’s eat filefish bone crackers!

How to make
Wipe the bones with a paper towel, sprinkle with salt, and coat evenly with potato starch .

Fry in oil heated to about 170 ° first and fry again in oil heated to 190 ° C until borns are golden brown.

This bone is crispy and is perfect as a dish to eat while drinking shochu after meal.
The meat and liver are eaten as sashimi and the bones as senbei. A very sustainable fish is Kawahagi!


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