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GI Shochu in Japan ver. 3

Hello guys ! This time is GI shochu calls ‘Kokuto-shochu’! Sweet!!

What is GI ?

A geographical indication (GI) is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin.

Example … BORDEAUX Wine is famous for GI product!

Ok Let’s talkabout Japanese GI shochu in Kyusyu and this time is ‘Kokuto – shochu’

Amami brown sugar shochu is an authentic shochu made from pure brown sugar made from malted rice and squeezed juice of sugarcane, which is produced only in the Amami Islands of Kagoshima Prefecture, and distilled by simple distillation.

As of 2020, it was manufactured and shipped by 23 breweries in 5 islands in Amami-gun.

The main ingredients are pure brown sugar and malted rice made from juice extracted from sugarcane, and the rich flavor derived from brown sugar and rice is added during the one-time distillation process, but no sugar is added, so it is a sugar-free shochu.

Difference from rum

The raw material of rum is sugar cane as well as kokuto shochu, but the differences are as follows.

While rum is made from liquid such as squeezed juice of sugarcane or molasses which is a by-product of sugar production, Amami brown sugar shochu is made from solid pure brown sugar and malted rice. Rice is not used for rum.

It is possible to make rum with not only squeezed juice and molasses but also molasses sugar such as brown sugar or molasses sugar such as caster sugar and granulated sugar according to regulations, but for Amami brown sugar shochu, only solid (block) brown sugar made by cooling and solidifying molasses sugar can be used.

As for the distillation method, Amami brown sugar shochu is a simple distillation (mostly atmospheric distillation) in which mash is divided into a certain amount and distilled only once in a single distillation unit, while rum can be produced in a continuous distillation unit (Many are distilled under reduced pressure.) and it is also common to distill multiple times in a single distillation unit. Therefore, the distillation of rum can efficiently produce high alcohol content.

Rum can be flavored with spices such as vanilla, called “spicy rum” or “flavored rum,” but it is not allowed to add anything other than water to Amami brown sugar shochu sold as authentic shoch

Vibes point

I love to drink Kokuto shochu when i finish my dinner and before sleep. It is so sweet time for me!
Actually in Japan we have specian day for Kokuto-shochu!!

May 9th and 10th are called ”Amami-Kokuto-shochu-no-hi”

Amami = Island in Kagoshima
Kokuto = brown sugar
no-hi = day of

so The day of Amami brown sugar shochu!!

My BAR , Glocal BAR Vibes always invited brown sugar shochu maker from Kagoshima.
And you guys can drink Kokuto shchu with shochu maker talking !!
You can know about Japanese traditional brown sugar shochu with makers talk!

Hope 2021 or maybe 2022 , we can do Kokuto-shochu event on 9-10th May !!
Please enjoy your kokuto-shochu on 9-10th May this year at your place!!


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori