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GI Shochu in Japan ver. 4

Hello guys ! This time is GI shochu calls ‘Iki-shochu’! Good barley shochu made in Iki island!

Picture from this home page(http://ikishouchu.com/)


What is GI ?

A geographical indication (GI) is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin.
Example … BORDEAUX Wine is famous for GI product!

Ok Let’s talkabout Japanese GI shochu in Kyusyu and this time is ‘Iki – shochu’

Since Iki island is a flat island with few mountainous areas at an altitude of over 100 meters, grain production has been flourishing since ancient times, and around the 16 century, barley shochu production was first started in Japan by utilizing the climate of Iki island and traditional Chinese distillation methods.
That’s why Iki island is called “Birthplace of Barley Shochu in Japan”.

GI Shochu has the following requirements, and unlike famous barley shochu in Oita Prefecture in Japan, it is characteristic that rice-koji is used instead of barley-koji.

☆raw material☆

use only barley
Only use rice-koji (not barley-koji)
The weight ratio of rice-koji to cereals is roughly 1: 2 and mash is prepared.
Only water sampled in Iki island City is used.

☆Method of preparation☆

Fermentation and distillation of raw materials in Iki island City
single distillation only
Storage is conducted in Iki island City.
Bottling is also conducted in Iki island City.

And now there are only 7 iki shochu makers !
(picture from 壱岐焼酎7distillery facebook page )

Vines point

My favorite Iki- shochu is ‘壱岐の島’ Iki – no – shima’

This shochu is made based on the concept of “The Ultimate ditilled alcohol which is so good with during Meals” and is a wonderful shochu by ‘iki-no-kura-syuzo’.
The subtle sweetness of the rice and the savory aroma of the barley perfectly match, and it has a refreshing balanced taste that goes well with any dish.

The reason why I especially like this shochu is because Iki Island is the birthplace of barley-shochu, which boasts a history of 500 years since the 16 century. When the Liquor Tax Act came into effect in 1899, there were as many as 55 shochu makers on the island with a population of about 30,000 people.
I think there are a lot!!

After that, as times changed, many shochu makers were eliminated.
In 1984, 6 shochu makers with 100 years of history joined together to establish “Iki Shochu Cooperative Association” in order to take on new challenges while inheriting the tradition of shochu making in Iki for the future.
And the company name was changed in 2010, and it became the present ‘iki-no-kura-syuzo’.

Considering that the solidarity of makers who pass on their history to the future is creating the taste of shochu, I feel it is Iki Shochu with even deeper taste.
Try it with hot water!


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