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GI Shochu in Japan ver. 5

Hello guys ! This time is GI shochu calls ‘Ryu-kyu-Awamori’ (Awamori)! Good distilled one made in Okinawa!

Picture from this home page( https://okinawa-awamori.or.jp/stories/4996/ )

What is GI ?

A geographical indication (GI) is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin.
Example … BORDEAUX Wine is famous for GI product!

Ok Let’s talkabout Japanese GI shochu in Kyusyu and this time is ‘Ryu-kyu-Awamori ‘ (Awamori)

History of Awamori

It is said that the liquor distillation technology developed in West Asia at the beginning of 13 century was introduced to Ryukyu (Ryukyu area is now Okinawa ) from China via Thailand.
‘Awamori’ were presented to Asian countries as trade tributes.

After that, during the Ryukyu Dynasty, only 3 places in Shuri were allowed to produce and strictly controlled.
In the Meiji period, Ryukyu became Okinawa prefecture, and since the license system for sake brewing started, people began to produce Awamori, and it is said that there were about 760 Awamori makers .

Later, the Awamori industry was severely damaged by the Pacific War, but thanks to the strong will of the people of Okinawa, Awamori has been restored and is still widely drunk.

Raw material and manufacturing method

raw material

①To use only rice koji grown with black koji
②Only uses water sampled in Okinawa Prefecture

Method of preparation

①Fermentation, distillation, storage and packaging are all done in Okinawa Prefecture
②The product is produced by distilling rice malt and mash produced by fermentation using water as raw materials using a single distillation machine.

And now there are 47 Awamori makers in Okinawa !!

Vines point

I always drink Awamori when I go to Okinawa. And Tofu-yo is a good snack for that.
It’s my super favorite !

Tofu-yo is a processed tofu product unique to Okinawa.
Film tofu is marinated in a special pickling juice made from rice koji , red rice koji and awamori and matured and fermented for about six months.
Red rice koji is used for the color of red, and it has the effect of bringing out flavor and antiseptic effect. Sweetness, smooth texture, cheese-like texture, and sea urchin-like flavor.

And this tofu-yo is not eaten in one bite, but it is delicious to shave it to the size of a rice grain with the tip of a toothpick and taste it little by little.
Unique flavor matches perfectly with Awamori.
If you have a chance to go to Okinawa, please try tofuyo, a fermented food made from Awamori, as a snack while drinking Awamori.


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