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GI !? What is Japanese whisky ?

Hello guys ! You guys studied about GI shochu in Kyusyu island !

This time is about ‘Japanese Whisky’

Japanese whisky

It is 16th / Feb 2021 fresh news about Japanese whisky !

The Japan Spirits & Liqueur Association has defined domestic whisky “Japanese whiskey” for the first time.
In addition to using water collected in Japan, the ministry has set requirements for distillation in Japan. It will be put into operation from April 1, 2021. There is no definition of domestic whisky in the Liquor Tax Act, and unblended whisky produced overseas and bottled in Japan is distributed domestically and internationally under the banner of “Japanese whiskey”. The new standards are voluntary standards set by the union, and there are no penalties for violating them.

In the future, there will be four main requirements to be officially called Japanese whisky.

① Malt must be used as an ingredient, and water collected in Japan must be used.
② distilling in a Japanese domestic distillery.
③ Pure form of whiskey packed in a wooden cask of 700 liters or less and stored in Japan for 3 years or longer.
④ Bottling in Japan.

I love above ideas and requirements .
I wrote about GI Shochu in Kyusyu island and GI system can protect ‘country’s original culture’.

Vibes point

Personally, I don’t mean to deny blended whisky using unblended whisky from abroad, nor do I deny shochu made in foreign countries.
I think 100% Japanese whisky is good, whisky made in foreign countries is good, and shochu made in foreign countries is also good.
However, I think it is important to write it clearly and how consumers choose it.

By doing so, I think we can protect each country’s original culture as one way of thinking.

It seems that companies with a license to produce foreign liquors in Japan will comply with it in the future, and they have set a three-year period for the company’s response, such as changing the label.
I would like many companies to follow as soon as possible.

There are so many shochu which are aged in cask for long time . They are not Japanese Whisky but Japanese traditional alcohol sometimes taste like a whisky please enjoy our signature !


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