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Original container for drinking shochu ver. 2

I love to drink shochu by using Japanese original container because it makes me more ‘Good shochu drinking atmosphere with culture ’.

So today i will introduce about Kagoshima original container for drinking Satsuma-shochu!!

As words expressing Kagoshima’s shochu culture, there are famous ones such as “Dare-yame” and “Kuro-choka.”. I’ll show you what each is like!


(picture from this site https://www.tjkagoshima.com/?attachment_id=9132 )

First of all, “Dareyame” is also called “Dare-yame” or “Dai-yame.”
In the dialect of southern Kyushu, the meaning of ‘Dare’ is ‘tiredness’ and ‘Yame’ is ‘stop’
So the meaning of Dare-yame is “to stop tiredness”!
It refers to drinking shochu for dinner every night.
That is ‘Dare-yame’ (or Dai-yame)!

So if you are drinking shochu after your working , that is also ‘Dare-yame’!!
Enjoy Dare-yame!!

This picture means…
Dare-yame-set 1000yen
・2 glasses of alcohol (from …beer , shochu , high-ball)
・small meal
・deep fried chicken

In Kagoshima, izakaya (Japanese style pubs) often have “Dareyame Set”.
This means a dinner drink set, for example:
・Yakitori with salad and shochu for 1,000 yen.
・Sashimi platter, salad, shochu for 1,000 yen, etc.
It’s about 1,000 yen, and it’s a set that comes with shochu and snacks.

This set is reasonable and suitable for drinking, so please try to find it!


And “choka.”
“Choka” is a special container for drinking shochu. It is usually drunk by adding shochu and water and leaving it for a few days. It is served warm. In the past, many of them were made of thick and strong Kuroyaki because they were heated over direct fire.

Therefore, “Kuro-joka” with a choka in black became a popular name.

It is usually drunk by adding shochu and water and leaving it for a few days
⇒ we say this one ‘Mae-wari’
Mae means before
Wari means mix
So ‘mix before drink’

“Maewari” allows you to enjoy a harmonious and mild taste by mixing water and shochu more than just mixing them.

After getting tired and coming back home, then have a glass of shochu at home. This is the culture of Kagoshima people since long time ago.

Vibes Point

Dai-yame , Dare-yame words are so famous in Kagoshima pref!!
So here is famous shochu bland which name is ‘DAIYAME’!!
It is a liquor with a lyche-like fragrance.
I recommend you to mix it with soda to make Shochu highball which has a very good smell!
“Daiyame” can be said to be the cultural word of Kagoshima that is used even in the name of Shochu!

Picture from this home page https://www.hamadasyuzou.co.jp/denzouin/products/daiyame.html


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