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Original container for drinking shochu ver. 3

I love to drink shochu by using Japanese original container because it makes me more ‘Good shochu drinking atmosphere with culture ’.

So today i will introduce about Okinawa original container for drinking Awamori!!



Karakara is a typical Awamori container in Okinawa.

It is a must-have shochu container for drinking Awamori. Its sturdy shape is stable and easy to use, and people in Ryukyu have been using it for the longest time.
There is a folktale that a priest who likes Awamori took a hint from round rice cakes and made a tokkuri(container name) which never collapsed, and it became popular as “kase-kase(kara – kara) (karakara in Okinawa dialect)” so he named it so.
※Kase Kase (Kara – Kara) means ‘lend it me , lend it me’

嘉瓶 “Yushibin” is a Awamori container used on auspicious occasions.
It is said that the unique gourd-shaped shape was made to be easy to carry by holding under the arm, and it is also said that it was used by high ranking royalty by adding noble beauty to a very high quality curve.

抱瓶”Dachibin” has a unique shape.

It is a portable Awamori container used by putting Awamori and hanging it on the shoulder.

The structure is characterized by the spout at the tip, the entrance of Awamori in the middle of the upper part, and the ears to pass the string through on both sides following the outer surface, and the entire sake cup is curved so that it adheres to the waist.

In the past, farmers used these Dachibin when they went on a tour of the mountains and fields, hunting, cherry blossom party, horse racing, and watching ancient martial arts.

Vibe Point

Ryukyu glass is also famous glass for drinking Okinawan awamori.

Ryukyu Glass is a glass product that has a unique taste because it is made of glass that has been recycled by melting bottles and has various colors such as thick red and green.

With the spread of refrigerators, there were more opportunities to drink Awamori, which is often drunk in Okinawa, on the rocks, and glass cups made with wide mouths began to be used instead of the traditional Karakara.

This attracted the attention of tourists, and it became popular as “Ryukyu Glass” because of its hand-made feel and cool glassware that goes well with Awamori.

If you drink Awamori with Ryukyu glass, you will be able to remember the refreshing sea of Okinawa and feel Awamori more delicious.



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