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Original container for drinking shochu ver. 4

I love to drink shochu by using Japanese original container because it makes me more ‘Good shochu drinking atmosphere with culture ’.
So today i will introduce about Shochu original container ‘Shochu server’!!

Shochu server promotes maturing by adding shochu and letting it stand, and gives a mellow taste with rounded corners. This makes it possible to drink shochu more deliciously. In fact, there is a traditional method of storing Shochu called Kame-tsubo storage,(cray pot aging) and depending on a part of high-class Shochu, it is said that it is also made by’ Kame-tsubo aging style ‘

Why does aging progress?

By pouring the shochu into a ceramic server and letting it sit, the minute holes inside the server allow the shochu to breathe repeatedly, allowing the wari-mizu(mix with water) and alcohol to blend in, making it a pleasant, melt-in-your-mouth shochu.
In addition, as far infrared radiation effects and natural convection occur in ceramics, it is thought that the aging of shochu will progress more. And you can protect Shochu from the light which is considered to be a great enemy for preservation, so the preservation environment is also good.

How to use the shochu server

You just pour Shochu in the server and leave it for 3 days.
please endure the feeling of wanting to drink and watch it with a wish to make it delicious.
The biggest attraction of Shochu server is that you can easily enjoy Kame-tsubo aging style at home.

Also, it is said that the temperature around 10 degrees is suitable for storing shochu, so you should put the server in a cool place where it is not exposed to the sun.

If you usually enjoy shochu with water, you can mix shochu and water in your favorite ratio before putting it in the server. The molecules of shochu and water blend well during ripening and change to a mild taste. However, if shochu mixed with water is added, it may deteriorate if left in for a long time, so it is recommended to drink it up as soon as possible.

As for maintenance, Shochu itself doesn’t contain sugar, so basically you don’t need to wash the inside with detergent.
But if it bothers you, I recommend you to wash it with water several times and dry the inside thoroughly.

In Japan, we sometimes give a shochu server to acquaintances or parents who like shochu at special timing.
This is because the shochu server provides a life of one rank up both in appearance and taste.

Vibes Point

In the past, the owner Yamashita mixed shochu with water at 6: 4 (shochu 6 , water 4) in advance and kept it on the server for 15 days.
Shochu after 15 days was very easy to drink and it felt like drinking water.
There is one reason for this.
Even if the lid of the server is closed, it is difficult to seal, so it may have volatilized from there. This may have made it easier to drink like water because the alcohol has evaporated.
But this is an experiment. When you have a server, most people who like Shochu want to store various kinds of Shochu and try them.
How does your favorite shochu taste different? Observing this process is one of the pleasures of Shochu server, so please try various things if you can get it. I’m sure you’ll find your favorite timing for maturing.


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