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Milk shochu !!

This time, I will introduce a very rare milk shochu.
Actually, in May 2021, I visited the shochu maker that produces this shochu. The manufacturer temporarily stopped the production due to the heavy rain in 2020, but they have started the remanufacturing safely.
It is very delicious and the story is wonderful, so please try it if you find it!

Yamato Ichi Shuzomoto

(pic from Shochu maker home page https://www.yamato1.com/ )

The name of the shochu maker is Yamato Ichi Shuzomoto.
Near this shochu maker , there is a hot spring that is said to have been used by a lord. So this shochu maker has been making shochu using hot spring since 1986.

The hot spring shochu has a very mild taste, and it is very delicious to drink as is or with water.
And the effect of hot spring?!!? It’s so easy to drink that even if I drink too much, I don’t seem to have much alcohol left the next day.

This shochu maker actually received a letter from a customer one day.
The content was that ‘’I always drink shochu with milk, and your hot spring shochu goes well with milk!’’
Then they decided to make Shochu with milk.

Milk Shochu

It was Shochu which was born from customer’s voice.

Kumamoto (where this shochu maker is) Prefecture produces the largest amount of raw milk in western Japan. It is the third in Japan after Hokkaido and Tochigi.

Milk Shochu is made with plenty of Kumamoto milk.

Milk shochu is an innovative shochu made by combining traditional techniques with milk, a specialty product of Kumamoto that was not used in shochu until now.

Milk Shochu has a fruity fragrance like an apple and Ginjo-ko(ginjo-aroma) which is included in Ginjo-shu(ginjo-sake). It has a gorgeous and gentle scent that you can’t imagine from milk.

And the taste is not mild like milk, but refreshing.
I recommend rock! I know how refreshing it is!

And surprisingly, there is a very unique way to use this shochu other than drinking it.
Surprisingly, it may be effective for hair growth, so you can put it on your head.

According to the results of experiments conducted by Kuramoto and a pharmaceutical company, it was suggested that this product might be effective for hair growth and hair growth.

Vibes Point

Of course Shochu is delicious, so I often drink it.

But in fact, shochu is used other than “drinking”.

For example,
1.  Add a bit of shochu when cooking rice.
→ It becomes fluffy.

2. Soak the pork cartilage in shochu before stewing it.
→ The cartilage becomes soft.

3.  Soak red pepper in unblended shochu and spray it on plants.
→ plants can avoid insects

Especially when it comes to stewed dishes, there are many restaurants in Kagoshima and southern Kyushu that use shochu, so please try it when you come to Japan!


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