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Summer shochu !!

Hi how are you ?

Everyone drinking shochu?

Japan is in the middle of the rainy season, and the temperature is gradually getting higher, and finally summer is approaching. In that situation, I’m going to write about summer Shochu .

Summer shochu

I know it’s sudden, but do you know any Japanese haiku?

Haikus must have five syllables in the first and third lines, and seven syllables in the middle line. They aim to describe a beautiful or impressive natural moment.
Such haiku includes seasonal words and words.
A ‘’kigo’’ is a word that expresses the rich seasonal scenery of Japan by interweaving it into a short phrase of 5-7-5.

For example, if you put cherry blossoms in a poem, you can imagine spring.
For example, if you include snow in the poem, it reminds you of winter.

Which season word is Shochu in Haiku?
Shochu is used as a special word in Japanese traditional culture poetry.

Shochu was often drunk with hot water, so when I imagine that, I imagine “autumn” or “winter,” but in fact, the season word for Shochu is “summer.”

According to the old book in the Edo period, shochu was often drunk to help people recover from summer fatigue. Shochu, which has a higher alcohol content than Japanese sake, was considered to be alcohol to put energy into the body tired from the heat of summer, and alcohol to prevent the heat. For this reason, it appears in Haiku as a season word of summer.

At present, the word “summer shochu” has become a standard in Japan, and various kinds of shochu are available at liquor stores during the summer season.
This is a delicious shochu that you can drink on the rocks in summer.
You can feel the coolness even in the hot summer.
It is like that, and there is Shochu which is perfect for summer both in taste and appearance.

Generally, brown bottles are used for Shochu, but for summer Shochu, transparent bottles and blue bottles are used to create a sense of summer and coolness.

It is a season-limited shochu called Natsu Shochu, so I don’t think there is much distribution outside of Japan, but if you come to Japan in the summer, please look for Natsu Shochu!

I’m sure it’s a refreshing and cool shochu on the rocks!

Vibes Point

I will introduce a part of my favorite summer shochu.

① Taimei summer shochu ( Barley Shochu )
I think the design of this bottle is very nice. It’s designed with goldfish swimming in it, so I have to imagine summer as a Japanese. This design really makes you feel summer.

② Seiten Sakurajima(sweet potato right one) left one is normal Sakurajima bland design
Even before the genre of summer Shochu was created, it was sold at an early stage as Shochu which was easy to drink on the rocks. The normal Sakurajima has this design, so you can see how cool the summer Shochu Sakurajima is.
And while regular Sakurajima has a solid taste of sweet potato like sweet potato shochu, the summer shochu has a refreshing taste and has a flavor reminiscent of banana!

③ Himeayaka
Looks so summer design ! Sunflowers are designed on the bottle.
It is nice for gift shochu , too!

Look at these Summer image pics! And drink summer shochu!!


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