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Glocal BAR Vibes online shochu bartender is growing! Please check and if you want to join us , pls let me know!

Guys , are you enjoying Japanese shochu!? I’m enjoying shochu with hot water these days cuz Japan is really becoming cold winter ! Sometimes I enjoy shochu with shochu maker online ! That is amazing cuz I can understand more about shochu if I drink with shochu maker or shochu professional !

This time I will announce again about Glocal BAR Vibes online shochu bartender !

Previously on Shochu bartender

Possibility of an online shochu bartender

An online shochu bartender started in 2019.

Thanks to you, more than 150 overseas customers have learned about shochu online.

All the reviews I received were “5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆”

Individual customers, classes at overseas schools teaching Japanese culture, customers thinking about shochu business, overseas bartenders,

Various customers have chosen the online shochu bartender experience of Glocal BAR Vibes, and the offline reality BAR has been hard situation by Covid-19, but at the moment I can express my belief “GLOCAL” firmly. Thank you.

On December 13th, 2021,  I could do good onine shochu bartender with them (24,000 Instagram followers and 269,000 YouTube followers.)

I was also able to be an online shochu bartender for Internationally ME followers.

Internationally ME’s YouTube ↓




Taking advantage of our experience as an online shochu bartender since 2019, we plan to create a “new form of Glocal BAR Vibes” in 2022.

From now on, shochu will not only be produced and delivered, but it may also be a phase to create and grow a community with customers. (There are some manufacturers that have already made it.)



The idea of Glocal BAR Vibes that wants to introduce Japanese shochu culture to people around the world,

Online shochu bartenders were very compatible for 2 years.

I believe in all kinds of possibilities and try to create new things with customers who have spent their lives offline or online.

Cheers mate!

Vibes point

Glocal BAR Vibes online shochu bartender topices are bellow !

Online shochu bartender is not so many group people. Within 10 people so that you guys can enjoy your shochu time with small group!! Let’s enjoy shochu with me!!


・What is 焼酎 Shochu?

・Shochu Data in graphs

・Know more materials

・What is Koji 麹?

・How can change the taste by making way

・Bartender point!   ~ pour shochu in a professional way !

Untapped Japanese Spirits with Bartender

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