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Glocal BAR Vibes Online Bartender sevice

Hello, I’m Nori running my own BAR calls ‘Glocal BAR Vibes’ in Kumamoto, Japan. I’ve been studying Shochu (Japanese traditional alcohol) more than 15 years, so I’ve started the business aiming for globalizing shochu culture. That is why I named my bar ‘GLOCAL’ (Local to Global).

Glocal BAR Vibes Online Bartender sevice

I’ve done promotional event not only at my bar, but also Hong Kong, USA, some Univ and restaurant in the past. My bar has been selected TripAdvisor No.1 in Kumamoto, Japan, also google star point is 4.9☆.  I want you to enjoy Japanese traditional alcohol ‘Shochu’ culture  together .

Have you ever heard or tried Japanese traditional alcohol, called ‘Shochu’?

Shochu is very common spirit among locals, but still not very known in the world. In my online experience, you will learn about the liquor. I will share how much I love it by using pictures, some video clips of brewery where I’ve visited( I visited more than 80 makers), graph and data. Shochu has long history and it is related to each local area. Please prepare your notebook and a pen, you can learn your new Japanese alcohol knowledge and experience  both logically and intuitively. I’m pretty sure you would love to try it after my experience!


Also, you will learn how to drink it.  I will show you how to serve(drink) professional style.

Shochu has ‘own MIX culture’, I will also talk about paring with meals (If you have it at home, please bring it when you join, I can introduce it!)


I set up Q&A time, but you can feel free to ask me at anytime.

All shown from Host BAR ‘Glocal BAR Vibes’ !!

You can see more than 100 kinds of shochu bottles and woody amazing Japanese cool design BAR.


And the middle of zoom online experience time , I will show you my BAR signature design points !


notebook and pen

glass , ice and hot water (if you have shochu)



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