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Glocal BAR Vibes Youtube channel !!

Today I will introduce about our youtube channel so please watch the video with shochu!!

Finally our youtube shochu video lereaces more 7 videos !

Please watch the video below I will add short introductions by each videos!!

☆Shochu Times #1 Difference Between Sake and Shochu

We are talking about the difference between Sake and Shochu it is really easy to understand about it.
And interesting thing about this video is ……. Shochu is really drunk in Japanese alcohol market more than Sake!!

☆Shochu Times #2 Bottle Keep System at Izakaya

We will introduce about ‘Bottle keep system in Japan’ why shochu is common for us ?
One of the reason why is keep system i guess!

☆Shochu Times #3 Ingredients of Shochu

There are so many shochu ingredients but hove you ever heard about ~% of each ingredients market in Japan?
Proffesional knows the math !

☆Shochu Times #4 Otsurui(乙類)Shochu and Korui(甲類)Shochu

This is importand to know about shochu! It is came from distillation way and we will choose shochu for our drinking way !!

☆Shochu Times #5 Shochu Bottles

Why Japanese shochu bottle color is normally brown cocolr !?!? Why some of shochu bottle is clear bottle ?
Of course there is a reason so let’s know about it!!


u Times #6 How to make Shochu?

More study about how to make shochu and you can understand about temperature for making !!

☆Shochu Times #7 Summer Shochu

Japan has ‘Summer shochu ’ ‘winter shochu’ like a seasonal shochu!
If you can understand about seasonal shochu , you can choce when shout I go to Japan for drinking shochu !?

Vibes point

Those video knowledge is so deep but our talking speed is really slow because of Owner Nori’s poor English sorry !
So please use speed control on youtube and I guess you guys can use 1.5 times speedy one and that is easy listening !!

Please enjoy and we will update our video once a 2 weeks !!


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori